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Jul 24, 2008 01:32 AM

Using Frozen Rhubarb-thaw or not?

I have a recipe for rhubarb custard pie that we really like, but have only made it with our home grown fresh rhubarb. This spring we had a bumper crop, so I diced up a bunch and froze it. Should I thaw it first for a custard-type pie or what? I'm worried that it may be too 'wet' for the pie to set up?

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  1. I used frozen rhubarb once in MY favorite rhubarb custard pie (from the old betty crocker cookbook) and it was a runny, wet (but still delicious) mess of a pie. Now I thaw the rhubarb in a colander first and it works better. Not quite as nice as fresh, but maybe that's only because I know it was frozen.

    What flavoring do you use to accent the pie? My family has a running feud--half prefer orange rind and the other half nutmeg. We always have to make 2 pies so everyone is happy.

    good luck!

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      Thanks for your help, amyamelia.

      I took your advice and thawed first, then drained and 'blotted' gently. Also added an extra egg and shorted the milk by about worked out fine although the texture of the crust wasn't the best, and I borrowed your idea for orange rind...very tasty! Normally I've just sprinkled cinnamon on the custard to flavor.

      I'll definately use frozen rhubarb in this recipe again, and think I'll double the amount I use next time.