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Jul 24, 2008 12:39 AM

How is Vera's Burger Shack? (Vancouver)

I've always wanted to try it but never have ... How is it? I would be going to the one in Kits.

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  1. The burgers are OK - but a bit dry for my tastes. I had a bad experience at the Commercial Dr location (the service was atrocious) and have not come back. Others may chime in with better experiences than me.

    There are other burger places that may be worth the trip - Moderne and Splitz. I have been to Moderne a few times a few years ago, but not recently (they were closed for quite a while for renovations(?).

    1. I go to the one on Main and I really like it. I took a friend from Victoria there and she said "It's like homemade but better since I didn't have to make it!"
      And I really like the onion rings, they are battered, not breaded :)

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      1. re: starlady

        Vera's has a consistency problem in my experience, and I speak particularly of the one in Kits. O rings are indeed yummy but the ones at Splitz are as good/better I would say and I prefer Splitz burgs. Here's a couple of links for you:

        1. re: grayelf

          I've been obsessing about o-rings and have been ordering them everywhere I go. I've been thoroughly disappointed, except for the o-rings at Vera's. Must check out the o-rings at Splitz!

          Where else can I find some chow-worthy o-rings?

          1. re: im_hungry

            That's a tough one, i_h. I love me a good battered-not-breaded onion ring or 50 but they seem to be hard to come by. I was delighted to find worthy contenders at Splitz and haven't looked much further. Sometimes, when I'm desperate and can't make it to Splitz I take a walk down memory lane and get an order from Dairy Queen but don't tell anyone, 'kay? Will be interested to hear what you think of the Splitz version...

            PS I drown 'em in vinegar and salt. What's your poison, or do you down them straight?

            1. re: grayelf

              I like the battered versions better too. To be honest, DQ's are my benchmark rings, probably because of happy associations for childhood.

              1. re: grayelf

                Ketchup, or mayo with pepper (although I can only eat a couple that way - yummy, but too heavy!). And I also like the zoo dip at White Spot! Although I was a bit disappointed at WS' western plate add-on. I ordered it the other day and it came with 3 o-rings and 3 soggy zoo sticks.

                1. re: im_hungry

                  Whoa, major blast from the past -- zoo sticks! May have to get an order for old times' sake :-).

        2. My experience is similiar as fmed's... generally feel the patties are dried out. You can get "the works" toppings to really boost up the flavor however, and raise the moisture level, but the burgers will just be okay. O-rings are fine too, but when you get them "to go", they end up being put in a small bag which is just dripping in oil when you open it up later. :(

          1. My two experiences (with the one in Kits and the one on Broadway) have been not-too impressive. Both times they got our orders wrong and we had to shout over the counter at them to get the correct toppings (good thing we were paying attention).
            The burgers were tasty but nothing special and the fries don't keep well if you're getting them to go.