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Jul 23, 2008 10:47 PM

Costa Brava PB Quick Report

This was my first time actually eating here - I have only been to the bar for wine and beer on a few occaisions.

They have spanish beer - so I had a refreshing Estrella Galicia and my friend had their sangria.


- Bacalao
- Empandillas de Atun
- Morcilla
- Datiles con Tocino
- Manchego con membrillo

Everything was tasty but what stood out was the delicious blood sausage and and dates with bacon.

Not cheap but quite good.

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  1. I also really like this place, especially the happy hour. 4 to 7, every night of the week. They have a ½ off tapa menu and the sangria is ½ price as well…great deal in PB.

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    1. re: pbhomey

      Don't forget montaditos for $3. I always get the morcilla and cabrales. Also, I think the sangria is better than 1/2 price, because it's $2 per glass and $8 per pitcher.

    2. I haven't been to this place in years, but I remember liking it quite a bit. Definitely for the variety, as well as the sangria and being able to eat out on the secluded patio. The Gazpacho Andaluz was very good too.

      1. FYI for your next visit - the patatas bravas are to die for - literally ;-) they're deep fried and then tossed in a spicy aioli. Great for soaking up all that Sangria!

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        1. re: Alice Q

          Dude, you were not kidding - I had these tonight. Perfectly fried -crisp exteriors with that lovely hot starchy baked potato interior and the iceing on the cake with that killer citrus spicy ailoli

          1. re: kare_raisu

            Aren't they incredible? Glad you tried them. They're like a meal by themselves. I like that place, will have to get back there sometime soon!

        2. Wonderful place. I was there Friday night after seeing Mamma Mia! and my friend and I had a wonderful array of tapas with a pitcher of sangria. Be sure to visit their little market two doors away, Pata Negra. You can pick up Spanish wines, the homemade rolls (partially baked), Jamon Iberico, some delicious olive oil, sofrito, etc. And paella pans. They're going to do some construction soon and install a patio so that customers can try wines and some of the products they sell in a cafe setting.

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          1. re: sandiegofoodstuff

            Do they actually have jamon iberico or is it just lame jamon serrano? I wasn't aware that they had the iberico or bellota yet. I want it.

            I like the products at Pata Negra, but price-wise it's better to go with for spanish goods. Also, the employees at PN are (in my experience) less than helpful and completely unfamiliar with the products.

            1. re: ekomega

              I believe that they do now sell the iberico.

              At PN - the store manger from the Domincan Republic knows his shit.

              1. re: kare_raisu

                I've never had the opportunity to talk to the store manager, so maybe that has been my problem. It's always been some 20-something young woman.

                1. re: ekomega

                  They do carry Iberico and Iberico de Bellota but they were out of the de Bellota last time I was in the store. I forget if both are on the menu in Costa Brava but I'm sure it can be requested.

                  The store manager is extremely helpful and a very friendly guy. I've only ran into him a couple of times in PN but he does know what he's talking about and has had great suggestions for me.

                2. re: kare_raisu

                  Yes, it is the Iberico. And, Fernando, the manager, is hugely helpful when it comes to what is sold in the store and different ways of preparing it. He's also a huge flirt, ladies. I went in with a friend and while I was stocking up on groceries, he was getting her phone number.

            2. This is my favorite tapas bar in town, although Sevilla has better happy hour prices (for food, not drink).

              Costa Brava is not cheap, but they will do nice things like make dishes that are not on the menu if you ask nicely and they have ingredients (like piquillos rellenos and angulas). And the service is always great.

              BTW, the datiles are the best! I'm not fond of the empanadillas, because they are too dry inside and I believe it's because it's not the right kind of tuna.

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              1. re: ekomega

                The tuna was slightly dry but the crispy empanada dough is great.

                How much and how do they serve the angulas at Sevilla? In a cazuela with oil and bread?

                1. re: kare_raisu

                  Sorry for the confusion, I edited my post to clarify.

                  The angulas are at CB, and they serve them the traditional way: The cazuela, with olive oil in it, is heated to "boiling", then it is removed from the heat and the angulas are added. CB gives you bread (as much as you want, really), so that's included.

                  The one time I had it, though, they were fake baby eels. I knew because of the price. But I imagine they do real baby eels if you want to fork over the $$$.

                  1. re: ekomega

                    Nice! What are the piquillos stuffed with?

                    1. re: kare_raisu

                      They offered mariscos or carne, and we went for mariscos (that being my favorite). It's another pretty traditional recipe, with chopped or minced seafood (shrimp, etc.) in a bechamel sauce stuffed inside, and then this orangy sauce on the outside, which I'm guessing is sofrito with a little cream and the juice from the piquillo pepper can/jar (that's how I make the sauce, anyway).

                      These actually used to be on the menu (and may still be on the menu on the website) for $9, but they are like $12 if you order them now.

                      1. re: ekomega

                        Thanks so much for the insider info on the chiles rellenos - we had these -they were wonderful, delicate, and delicious.

                        I also learned that they have Rabo de Toro on their secret menu - those famous spanish oxtails - which I will be getting next time I am there!

                        1. re: kare_raisu

                          You're very welcome. Piquillo peppers may be my favorite food, and definitely my favorite 'pepper' (seconded by peppadew).

                          I've had the Rabo, and it was excellent.