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Jul 23, 2008 10:13 PM

Howard Hughes Promenade

Hi everybody,

I already searched around Chowhound for my question, but didn't find anything that would specifically address it, so here goes:

For all the eateries WITHIN the Howard Hughes Promenade, can you offer your opinion? I do understand that, overall, there isn't anything wildly spectacular, and I've read some people write that there is NOTHING worth paying for at all, and the best choice would be to go somewhere else nearby.

But my parameters are inside the Promenade, and I would like to know a general ranking of what exists there -- so it's more a request for a relative comparison of all the eateries -- perhaps warnings on what to avoid, if those ideas come more easily to mind than what to actually recommend.

Thank you so much in advance!


P.S. By the way, I tried googling the heck out of that place in The Bridge Cinema de Lux -- the 12 Lounge. Barely found squat, got mostly reviews of its sister place in Philadelphia. Has anyone eaten here? Is it just overpriced greasy goo hidden under the veneer of "I'm in a fancy movie theater so I must be gourmet"?

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  1. Haven't been to Howard Hughes in a year, but my favorite restaurant there is Wild Thai. It's a little more expensive than your average Thai place, but the food is pretty good. I like Ayara Thai in DT Westchester better, though. Otherwise I might go to On the Border or Islands. There is an upscale Marie Callendar restaurant as well.

    1. I've tried a few times to have dinner @ Howard Hughes before or after a movie, and I've been disappointed every time. That being said, If I had to eat there I'd go to Rubio's or On the Border (if you want more of a restaurant atmosphere.) Both are generic chain Mexican, but the latter has margaritas and they are both palatable. There's also Islands (which is fine if you like Islands) and Ben and Jerry's. I've never been to the place that's actually IN the theater. Don't go to the sushi place.

      1. I am seeing Batman at the imax on sat there. I have had drinks at the bar in the movie theater before and those are delish. never eaten there but i assume the food is just run of the mill. Rubios and the pizza place are good fast food place. Islands is decent. On the border is horrendous. dont ever eat there. Walked out of there before the food got there last time. Sushi place is ok.

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          i agree about kabuki, the sushi place.
          it is certainly not a destination restaurant, but it is ok.
          there is generally a wait on weekend nights.
          i'm not sure if they take reservations.

        2. I don't mind going to Marie Callendar's (their pot roast is actually quite good) and you can't beat the seasonal fresh peach pie. The take out chicken place is also pretty decent, I had one of their wraps.

          1. wild thai serves solid thai food... not bad at all...
            and the newly opened Truxton's on the street level next to borders is pretty good as well.. good salads, good briskets, good pizzas...