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Jul 23, 2008 09:59 PM

Mr.Burger Oshawa

I just happened to stumble upon this list of the world's greatest hamburgers. Ive never heard of Mr.Burger in Oshawa and I feel like I should have considering it made #11. Anybody have any info on this place?

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    1. I have driven by it once when visiting a buddy of mine at his dads place

      All I remember about it is that my friend said it was awesome, it was closed when I drove by that night

      1. I just dont get it how it made it on this list of famous burger places and not one chowhounder claims to have eaten here......??????

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        1. re: mlukan

          You raise a very good point, could it be a hidden jewel?

          1. re: mlukan

            I agree, can't find any reviews? Any updates out there? Anyone?

            I have a friend who lives in Whitby, border of Oshawa, I will ask her and post back here. She is a very picky eater, so I trust her.

            1. re: red dragon

              I met with my friend this weekend (she lives in Whitby on the border of Oshawa) and she's been there many times! Says it's very good, so I trust her judgement. Will check it out the next time I'm in her area.

            2. re: mlukan

              I just tried it -- it had the standard frozen patty that they serve at burger places throughout the GTA, so it's nothing I'd get too excited over (I don't think I'd even call it the best burger in Oshawa, let alone the world). It was nicely grilled, and the bun was fresh and toasted, but it's definitely nothing special -- if you're in the area it's worth going to, but if you drive all the way from Toronto just to try it you're going to be very disappointed.

              1. re: Michael N

                Thanks for this review. In this period of really high gas prices, want to avoid any disapointing jaunts across the GTA.

                This list overall is a bit dubious. In-N-Out burger, which is a fine fast food burger, is not the #2. And I find it odd that 5 of the top 20 are in Australia.

                1. re: grandgourmand

                  "And I find it odd that 5 of the top 20 are in Australia."

                  Now that's a real road trip.

                2. re: Michael N

                  Hi Michael - thanks for your review. My husband and I love good food and don't mind to drive for it, but if it's just ok or so so, then no, not with the gas prices the way they are. It was on our list for this coming week, but it would have been a long drive for a disappointing burger. Again, thanks for the heads up!!

              2. Some of the information on that site is excellent and the recipes and suggested meat mixtures are impressive. I would imagine a burger made from a chuck/skirt/short rib/brisket mixture might be extraordinary.

                Some of their "winners" do serve highly acclaimed burgers. However, some of those listings are really odd. I suspect a system such as the infamous NOW awards in Toronto (sure PizzaPizza is always the best...) is at work. The voting page has no secure verification method. Might someone connected with Mr Burger have happened onto this site and stuffed the ballot box using different email addresses? I can't help but wonder...

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                1. re: embee

                  Geez, c'mon, wasn't Pat Borders the best catcher in the AL way back when?. ;-)