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Jul 23, 2008 09:54 PM

Russian Salads and Desserts in Edmonton

I recently stumbled upon a marvellous farmer's market stall that sells Russian salads, soups and desserts. The stall, called Marina's Cuisine, carries home-made versions of the quintessential Olivier salad, a fabulous beet, prune and walnut salad, and an eggplant and garlic salad that will knock you off your feet. I also bought a huge slice of a 9 layer Russian Honey Torte that was smothered in fresh, finely chopped walnuts. It too was delicious. There were many other items to choose from of equal Russian heritage.

I am not aware of any other outlet in the city for food items such as this, especially of such high quality. The stall is at the Strathcona Farmer's Market on Saturdays and at the Callingwood Market on Wednesdays. It could also be at other locations. Has anybody else tried food from this kiosk?

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  1. Wow! This post was so good it showed up twice!

    I think that I must have tried some food from this stall at the Callingwood Market. The eggplant and garlic salad was very good, as was the Russian Honey Torte. I am not sure that torte had exactly 9 layers but who wants to count when they are devouring something this delicious?

    The packaged items were pricey but certainly seem to be top quality.

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    1. re: West End Will

      I agree that the items are pricey but I am certainly willing to pay for the quality you receive from this vendor. I am wondering if anyone has tried any of the other products, other than those I have already mentioned?

      1. re: Cheers

        I certainly expect to go to this stall again in the near future so if I try one of the other items I will post my opinion. You mentioned the Olivier Salad. What exactly is that?

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          Olivier Salad is quite popular in Russia (as told to me by a Russian couple I met last year - not being Russian myself!) Anyway, it consists of uniformly diced ham, potatoes, onions, eggs, gherkins, carrots, etc. in a mayonnaise base.

    2. I've bought a couple of things from them, just after they opened and were in the corner stall across from Gull Valley. I think a potato salad, and something with carrots as the main ingredient... I remember the carrot salad being very good, the potato one not so good, and both being extremely overpriced (and I am one who usually blindly and happily pays whatever people are asking at the market).

      1. Forgive me if this posts twice, it seems to have disappeared the first time.

        If the farmers' market stall is the one I am thinking of, they make very good poppy (smache) roll. It is less sticky and sweet that non-Russian varieties.

        There is also a market that sells some Russian foods. European Market (6607 177 St, Edmonton) - kvas, sushki, pryaniki. My Mom thought it was good. I think they help supply the Russian pavillion at Heritage Festival.

        And of course the Russian Tea room on Jasper. It is not as authentic as it once was, but I did have good blini there not too long ago.

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          I am not sure if you saw it but there was an article on the market in the food/bistro section of the Edmonton Journal on Wednesday.

          I have driven by that strip mall on hundreds of occasions without noticing it but am intending to stop in shortly...if for nothing else than the birch juice which I have read about but never tried....not sure if it is anything like the spruce beer of my childhood in Quebec

          1. re: pengcast

            No, the place with poppy rolls is Graces, which also sells the best ham sausage at the market (or anywhere else maybe - they are that good). She's been there for years, and her sausge is a staple of my lunches!!

            1. re: Dan G

              Grace's ham garlic sausage is wonderful. And their extra garlic sausage is even more wonderful. It's the only reason for us to go to Strathcona FM, which I would prefer not to because of the crowds. I wish Grace would set up shop in other places as well.