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Jul 23, 2008 09:41 PM

Nanaimo, BC: Fresh crab, shrimp?

Hi there,

Me and some girlfriends are leaving Thursday morning (tomorrow), on a leisurely little food tour of southern BC, going as far west as Nanaimo and planning to be there for the weekend.

Where is the best place to go in the Nanaimo area for fresh crab and shrimp? (Within an hour's drive, please.) Specifically, where can we go to have fantastic fresh crab and shrimp prepared simply, and served ready to eat? We're not looking to buy them live, or order complex gourmet seafood dishes. As one of my friends tells me, "All I'm really looking for this weekend is a bucket of fresh crab, and maybe a couple pounds of shrimp: skillfully cooked, served more or less whole without too much emphasis on sauces, batters, and garnishes."

So, we're looking for a very simple, fresh, hands-on eating experience. Any ideas?

Hoping the Nanaimo regulars will see this in time,


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  1. When we were in Nanaimo in June, we sampled a number of different restaurants (see my post here: ). One that you'll see mentioned in the report is Nauticals. While they didn't do a great job with the more finicky dishes, they sure did a good job at steaming my crab. Prices seemed reasonable too.

    Aside from that, I'm not sure - there doesn't seem to be a lot mentioned on the Western Canada board about Nanaimo; you might better off asking some of the locals.

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      Thanks so much! Your post is interesting, and informative.

      It's great to know a little of what to expect once we get there.

    2. Did you end up finding what you were looking for? I'm traveling to the Island next week and would love to find some of that seafood outside of a fine dining restaurant.