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Finally! Wonderful cupcakes in Orlando!

Check out Sweet by Good Golly Miss Holly. It is in Waterford Lakes and they have the BEST cupckaes! This place was packed and everybody was going gaga over the cupcakes. (They also serve tart yougurt)

My party got White Out, High Hat, Black and Tan, Red Velvet, and Cookies and Cream. My favorites were White Out and Red Velvet.

Note -- this cupcakes are HUGE and some cupcakes are uber sweet -- so bring your sweet tooth! Oh, they are green friendly and use the best ingredients.


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  1. I will definitely check this place out, but Ballard & Corum bakery in Winter Park also has outstanding cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and other sweet goodies.

    1. I've had better supermarket cupcakes. Sorry, waste of $10 for 3 cupcakes!!

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        I don't know what supermarkets you go to . . . but these aren't supermarkert cupcakes! These cupcakes are TOP quality and kick every grocery store cupcake in the rear! (supermarket cupcakes -- bleck!)

        Oh, this is their only store -- they don't have one downtown, but they should expand!

        I agree, this shop is already a HUGE hit and it has only been open for two weeks or so.

      2. they are good, i think they have a store downtown too. i had the red velvet, soooo good. i took some to a friends birthday in charleston, and the cupcakes were still delicious and moist after a day.

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          You may be thinking of The Dessert Lady, who recently opened a store on Church Street downtown, after the success of her original location on Kirkman Road.

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            If it's cupcakes downtown, could also be Jenny Cupcakes, in Fifi's.


            I keep meaning to try them, the flavors look outrageous!

          2. I went today with my sweet-toothed girlfriend, and we were both very impressed. The place is colorful and modern-looking, reminiscent of Pinkberry in New York and L.A., and also has the trendy cupcakes going on, like NY's famous Magnolia Bakery. We went a little crazy and shared a peanut butter cupcake, a cookies and creme cupcake, and a cup of tart frozen yogurt. The cookies and creme cupcake could have been moister, but was still delicious, and her peanut butter cupcake was so rich she couldn't even finish it. I'd love to go back on a day they have strawberry, lemon, and key lime cupcakes available because I'm sure they are amazing.

            As for the tart frozen yogurt, it tasted a bit lemony/citrusy to both of us, not as neutral a flavor as what we once tried at Pinkberry on a New York trip. She got M&Ms as the topping, which was a mistake. It would have been a lot better with a slightly tart fruit topping, such as mango or kiwi. That's what we'll get next time. But we love the yogurt itself, and it was very refreshing.

            While we were there (15 minutes around 1 PM), the place must have had about 30 people (mostly women) come and go. Word is spreading -- they've only been open for two weeks or so, but the word of mouth advertising must be fantastic. I think Sweet by Good Golly Miss Holly is going to be HUGE, especially when the fall semester starts at UCF. Try it now, before college kids start lining up out the door. As far as I know, they're also the only source for Pinkberry-style tart frozen yogurt in Orlando, and it's definitely worth trying.

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              Thanks for the review of Sweets by Good Golly Miss Holly, I planned on paying it a visit this weekend.

              Further to your latter point, I wanted to submit that Cefiore recently opened on Edgewater Dr. in College Park (across from the Publix); they offer the "tart" yogurt that is en vogue thanks to Pinkberry. During my last visit they had three flavors - green tea, acai berry and raspberry, each of which may be paired with an assortment of fresh fruits and other comfits.

            2. Just had to resurrect this thread as I traveled 30 minutes to Waterford Lakes this weekend in the midst of all the crazy drivers to try these "fabulous" cupcakes. Myself, my husband and my daughter and none of us were impressed! What a waste of time and money!

              I make better cupcakes at home than I got at this place! We had 3 different flavors (Cookies n Cream, White Hat and German Chocolate). I dont know if it was just because they had been sitting for several hours (we got there about 1pm) or what, but they were not moist at all and the frostings were slightly dry and not very creamy.

              To top it off, the only thing they have to drink is water, milk or coffee???? Not a very good offering, especially for people that dont drink milk or coffee.

              IMHO, I would much rather go next door to Toojays (of whom in my opinion can keep their food, but have good desserts) and have a slice of their cakes than eat at this Sweet place. I was expecting more and was highly disappointed.

              Maybe they do better at other times, but there were 2 people in the shop on a Sunday afternoon. We wont be back.

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                We weren't bowled over either when we went. I mean, they're good cupcakes, but Sprinkles are still the best in my book. Granted, you can't just walk into Sprinkles and buy 1 cupcake, but they're definitely the best.

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                  Neither were we. They were good but nothing spectacular. We tried Red Velvet and Cookies 'N Cream . . . few weeks later I tried the Jenny Cupcakes at Fifi's. Much better! And much more interesting flavors. I had banana-chocolate - Yum! Would definitely brave downtown parking for those again!

              2. are you guys serious? this place is kind of gross. The cupcakes are mediocre, mediocre, mediocre. They were sweet, sure, but that was it... there was no flavor... I tried this place twice (and then said no more!) and between the two flavors I tried, the those of my companions, they all tasted the same! (and I have a very sensitive sense of taste!) Strawberry, black and tan, cookies and cream... they were over sweet and nothing else! I just think that's really gross. A cupcake should be sweet, but flavorful and light...not dry cake covered over sweet icing. I don't know who taught this woman to bake (who, by the way is absolutely NASTY to her customers. She has her face plastered on her website so you know it's her, but when you go into the shop she has a dour expression on her face and refuses to talk to anyone but defers them to her almost equally rude employees)., but the buttercream is NOT buttercream... maybe a weird fusion of royal icing with a touch of butter, but it's not buttercream.
                And the past two times I went, the employees were kind of snotty...like they were either too good for the people or their job, or both.
                The tart yogurt was pretty good...the only good thing about the place really, and I have to give kudos for their "Green" approach... but the cupcakes themselves are so horrible (dry, tasteless and oversweet), and the employees so rude it's NOT worth it. I'd rather go to targets bakery or the TooJay's next door (The TooJay's bakery however is SUPERB)

                Words can not describe how over-hyped I think this place is.

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                  We have an exclusive "Cup Cake Shop" here in Mt Dora. they serve barnies coffee and i always see people in there. Its at the corner of 5th and donnelly and you guys just talked me into trying one!

                  Film @11

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                    I've been to that shop actually! The one in Mt. Dora (my mom lives in Eustis) and they were quite good! Not amazing, but very very good, much better than Sweet!, and the lady behind the counter was SO much nicer. That place was an absolute pleasure, but very small inside. The CupCake Shop lacks the "cool" atmosphere of Sweet!, but the product is well worth it. Let us know what you thought!

                2. Way over hyped. Cupcakes are dry and tasteless a disgrace to baking. Let me guess.. the people who like these also think Publix has great pastries..

                  complete waste of time going where rude people sell overly sweet crapcakes

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                    Well, I like Publix bakery products actually, but I also realize them for what they are... and when you consider that, they're pretty damn good. Not "gourmet" by any means, but good. I'd take Publix over this place anyday... but I think I'm a bit biased against Sweet now, after being treated so rudely more than once. I don't care how good your product is, service alone will set me off.

                  2. I went to try these supposed to be "great" cupcakes. I do not know where all of you are eating cupcakes lately, but these cupcakes were nothing but a lump of lard. I tried several different ones, to beging with the Tiramisu flavor one ( which is my favorite dessert) The buttercream was just plain, dusted with cocoa powder on top, or at least that's what they said. The cake itself was dry and had no tiramisu, or coffee flavor at all. The red velvet was just yellow cake with red coloring, not a traditional red velvet recipe and the cream cheese frosting was nothing but sugar and lard. Finally, I tried a lemon cupcake and it was just plain dry. Overall, I will not recommend this place to anyone, someone else on this post said that suppermarkets have better cupcakes, I have to agree.

                    1. I also went to this place, and had the most horrible experience. The cupcakes were dry and tasted so awful. Also, service was bad and the employees were not knowledgeable about their product. Totally a waste of money. Will not be back!

                      1. I admit I was swept up when I first replied with a Sweet review (my July 24, 2008 posting). My fiancee and I have been back since, and the cupcakes have never been as good as that first time. In fact, they've been downright disappointing. We still love the tart frozen yogurt at Sweet, but for excellent cupcakes in Orlando, I'll once again recommend Ballard & Corum bakery in Winter Park. They are consistenly great, and always better than Sweet.

                        1. I hope the cupcake trend is over

                          1. For great real genuine no-nonsense cupcakes that are just the right size, try Blue Bird Bake Shop cupcakes. They're an Orlando upstart that distributes their delicious creations through a few downtown shops, one of them is Seven Sisters Coffee House. Check out: http://www.sevensisterscoffee.com/

                            Seven Sisters Coffeehouse
                            911 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL

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                              I went when they first opened and the cupcakes were great, but we just went back the other day and they were dry and nasty!! Never been to Ballard and Corum but we'll have to give it a try!

                              There was just a write up the other day on Metromix Orlando about a great cupcake place, I think called Confetti cupcakery, at the Lake Eola Farmers Market. Definitely check them out; those cupcakes are made the way cupcakes should be!!

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                                Sorry you had a bad experience with BBBS. I have had the pleasure of tasting their CC’s on more then several occasions and I’ve never had a nasty experience one time!! They are delicious!!

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                                  Sorry you had not-so-great cupcake :( Please come back and we'll see what we can do to treat your tastebuds to another perfect cupcake like your first one! :)

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                                    I wasn't talking about Blue Bird, I was talking about Sweet! Never been to Blue Bird; I'm sure they are lovely!