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Jul 23, 2008 08:17 PM

Santa Clara

Looking for recs for good eats in Santa Clara or nearby environs for good eats fpr dinner, reasonable prices and good value. So far, we have as recs Birk's, La Fontana, La Paloma, Mio Vicino, Tomatino. I have also eaten at Seafood Harbor but only for dim sum. Anyone tried any of these places or have recs for others?

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for? Santa Clara (& environs) is known for various ethnic cuisines with the bulk being Indian & Korean.

    Kabab & Curry - Delicious, inexpensive IndoPak food; restaurant is just nice enough for "dinner place". No alcohol.

    SGD Tofu House, Korea House - I've heard these are good; other hounds can chime in

    Fu La Mum, Mountain View -

    DishDash - Nice MidEastern restaurant in downtown Sunnyvale; been here once & had a great veg. appetizer combo & lamb. This pretty little strip also has Turmeric Indian (upscale w/ mixed reviews) & few other restaurants.

    Tomi Sushi - San Jose (right off 280 @ Saratoga); acquaintance whose spouse is Japanese recently told me whenvever her MIL visits from L.A., she has to eat here. For more contemporary, they enjoy Gochi in nearby Cupertino.

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      Thanks for the recs. Looking for Asian, Italian or cheap eats. The recs you gave me are great starters.

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        Also, check out the thread about San Jose. Some good ideas for you there also.

    2. Mio Vicino is excellent; try their lemon risotto or chicken penne with a glass of Big Red. :)

      Birks just got a review on It matches my experience at that eatery, too.

      La Fontana is good if you're eating on an expense account. There are better choices (like Fontana's in Cupertino or Mio Vicino.


      Athena Grill in Santa Clara would be a nice choice, if you like Greek.

      Afghani House on El Camino in Santa Clara.

      Persian-Afghan Kabob in Sunnyvale is another good kabob place.

      Chattanooga Restaurant in Santa Clara was very enjoyable the last time we went but it's been a LONG time (18 months) so I can't vouch for it now.

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        Athena Grill is great but word on the street is that she has put it up for sale.

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          Well then get there quick! We ate at Athena Grill last weekend and everything was as superb as ever.


      2. The original comment has been removed