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Jul 23, 2008 07:58 PM

Wine Law/DC

Does anyone know what the law is in DC regarding taking an unfinished bottle of wine home with you from a restaurant. I know it's legal in NJ, not sure about DC.

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  1. Were you just at Spices? Because I over heard someone asking the waitress about this exact issue.

    For some reason I feel like you can take home unfinished wine bottles in DC but I know either MD or VA (can't remember which) allows it.

    I was just visiting my bf in Ann Arbor and they have that law there. It's a great law! We finished a great Zinfandel the next night with a homemade dinner.

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      The law was passed but the implementation date is unclear in DC. It is still illegal to remove an open bottle of any kind in DC. When the new law is implemented, you will be able it take home an unfinished bottle of wine in a DC approved "wine bag" Right now we are under the absolutely amazing provision that if you bring a bottle of your own wine to be corked at a restaurant and don't finish it, you cannot take it home with you. You MUST leave it behind. .

      Maryland allows this right now, although in Montgomery county the selection to begin with is controlled by the County. So while you can take home a bottle, you may not want to!

      I do not know the state of the law in VA as I mostly drink beer and kake at Korean joints in my VA dining.

    2. Just saw this item from Tom Sietsema's chat this afternoon:

      I prefer to refill my own wine: Otherwise, don't you know the waiter fills my glass after I've already decided to stop for the night. Then I have to either drink more than I'd planned, or give up wine I paid for that I could have corked and taken home.

      Tom Sietsema: You must live in Maryland or Virginia. The District doesn't allow diners to remove unconsumed alcohol from its restaurants.

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        In Virginia I know at least in some places you can get your wine "re-corked" and take it home, but I am sure there are special rules... which I could look up, maybe next week I will search the code.

        1. re: ktmoomau

          The law in Virginia is that you may take the unfinished wine bottle with you. Just put the cork in. Restaurants are happy to oblige.