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Jul 23, 2008 07:52 PM

Driving Philadelphia to Warren, RI

On Tuesday we are driving to Warren, RI to get a Tibetan Terrier... Looking for a place for dinner on the way home.. maybe Providence or somewhere along the coast in CT ... any suggestions welcomed... Something casual and outdoors...We are foodies from Philadelphia...

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  1. You'll be driving 95 all the way? I love Up River Cafe in Westerly RI. Gorgeous outdoor patio. One of my faves.

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    1. re: JaneRI

      Thanks. The website looks wonderful, we may stop on the way back to Philadelphia! Have you ever been to the Spiced Pear or Mooring in Newport for lunch?

      1. re: BRI328

        regarding Warren, try Quido's. it's on the water, great seafood.

        1. re: BRI328

          Spiced Pear is possibly the prettiest setting in RI (the outdoor patio that is) the food is good but not great (and it's very expensive, lunch is bearable). I happen to love the Mooring, but I prefer the food at Up River.

          1. re: JaneRI

            I appreciate your comments. We are going to try Spiced Pear for lunch and Up River for dinner on the way home!

      2. I lived in RI for a year before moving to Philadelphia, there is so much good food there! Al Forno in Providence is amazing, also Nick's On Broadway. In Newport, Bouchard's (it is a bit fancy, but really good French). This link gives addresses to some other greats-
        Have fun!