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Jul 23, 2008 07:33 PM

Any lunch or dinner ideas near Langham with 1 year old in tow?

Heading to Boston next week for a conference with my husband and will mostly be on my own with our 1 year old. Any recs for lunch/dinner near the Langham? Would love Chinatown recs especially for lunch. Looking for cheap and quick. Thanks!

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  1. Chacarero, Boston's best sandwich, for lunch. It's an easy walk from the Langham. The Arch Street location is a little closer, but the Province Street location has shorter lines.

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        You're welcome. Search chacarero on this board and go to to see what you're getting into.

        For a more traditional sub, Al's State Street also is an easy walk. I love their cold subs, particular the Italian and the State Street Special, although the meatball has a lot of fans too.

        Ruby's, next to the Boston Harbor Hotel, is another casual lunch spot within walking distance, with surprisingly good sandwiches, salads and other lunch stuff.

    1. I've found much of Chinatown to be welcoming to my 1-yr-old. Most recently she enjoyed dim sum at Hei La Moon on Beach St. on the S. Station side of the Chinatown arch.

      1. In Chinatown - New Shanghai on Hudson St. Go through the gate and take a left. Yummy, cheap lunch specials on week days.