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Jul 23, 2008 07:23 PM

RW with a vegetarian

I have two reservations for RW and am second-guessing myself on both. One of the people I am with is a vegetarian. I have a reservation at Olives (haven't seen their menu yet) and The Oval Room.
any alternate suggestions. We were recently at Rasika and loved it but not ready to go back.

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  1. the vegetarian is not obligated to eat off of the RW menu, that I know of.

    I don't eat meat/fish, so for me, RW is 99.9% of the time NOT worth it. It's either the same price or less expensive just to order like normal.

    Olives is great - I went there and had the "cookies and cream" dessert. OMG so good.

      1. As a vegetarian, I haven't had too many problems during RW. If there isn't a vegetarian option on the RW menu, they will usually let you sub something off the regular menu (or make a vegetarian entree). You may want to call ahead or note it on the Open Table reservation just to make sure.

        Agree with Jeserf though - it depends on the place, but for me it's usually cheaper to just order the off the regular menu. Most of the time I really don't want three full courses anyway.

        I went to Oval Room for RW a couple of years ago, and as I recall there were vegetarian options (I ate something, but I don't remember the details). It wasn't particularly interesting or memorable though, in terms of food or service. It seemed like they were churning out small bland plates of food quickly as possible. Granted, the crowd that week was mostly 20-somethings rather than their usual patrons, but still.

        I haven't eaten at Olives in years so can't help there.

        I've had consistently good RW meals at Bistro Bis, Dino, Zola and PS7's, if you're looking for other options.

        1. What about Ristorante Tosca?

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            Tosca is booked or that would be a good choice. Dino is extending for awhile so we may try it later in August. Just had dinner at PS7's and didn't love it.
            but thanks for the recommendations!

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              Dino's is worth it. The last time I was there I was thrilled with options from vegetable plates to legume sides and even an entree salad with whole grains and addition to the traditional haven for vegetarians, the pasta menu. And not one of the carnivores seemed lacking in love for the cinghiale or pollo that I recall- in fact, more than a few vegetables mysteriously disappeared on their side of the table.