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Jul 23, 2008 07:04 PM

Real gyros in STL

A friend is searching for real lamb gyros in St. Louis. My recs were the Olympia Kebob House and there is also some place called the "Gyros Place" in University City in the Loop. Not sure if either of these places truly uses lamb or substitutes beef.

Just looking for any recs!

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  1. I am not sure, but you might want to check out the Greek-owned Majestic restaurant at Euclid and Laclede in the CWE. They definitely have gyro meat--they use it to make a great omelet called Bill's Special, which I haven't had in several years. Don't know what is in it though.

    You might want to try a telephone call to each of the restaurants.
    Good luck, p.j.

    1. You might want to also call Anthoninos on the Hill. They serve gyros that are delish. Either he husband or wife who owns the restaurant is Greek.

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        I think that the place in U.City is Gyro House, but Gyro Place is close enough. There might be six tables and it's less than 20' across & about that deep, but like many ethnic places, if they spent more than $20 on decorations, they aren't concentrating enough on the food.
        It's on a side street South of Delmar and may not be "authentic", but it is darn tasty. I try to stop in whenever I'm in town. They do have a big spit of gyro meat, and my guess is that it's lamb. I've only once found a place that has lamb stacked on a spit and it's a Lebanese place in Easton, PA, of all places.

        1. re: JohnnyKBar

          I always thought gyro was a mix of beef and lamb.

          If the place in U City is still the same one that was a few doors East of the Tivoli - no complaints and a good Spanakopita.

          but South STL has a large Greek population and I'd like to try marymac's suggestion.

          1. re: hill food

            Hill Food, Anthonino's also has really good spanakopita. I think the husband is Italian and the wife Greek and they have Greek and Italian dishes on the menu. All I have tried so far have been delish

          2. re: JohnnyKBar

            with the PA connection, jump on 476 and go south -- Bitar's in south philly on 10th and federal (slightly south of washington near the italian market/wing phat circa 2004) is the best falafel/gyros I've ever had. Darn, now I miss philly again...

            they have the "giant piece of meat on a stick". there's also a few places in the village up in NYC that have gyros done that way.

            down the block from gyro house is another gyros/middle eastern-type place. if gyro house is the place I'm thinking of (only has gyros and not much else? blue and white motif? sells tshirts? the one down the street has a green awning iirc...) I wasn't too impressed with their gyros.