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Jul 23, 2008 06:42 PM

Spiral slicer?

Maybe I've been watching too many infomercials, or maybe it's just that zucchini season's starting, but I desperately want one of those spiral slicers that cuts veggies into spaghetti. Does anyone know where I can get one in Toronto? I'm carless, so preferably somewhere within the subway lines.

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  1. I want one too! I haven't had time to look but maybe Nella Cucina on Bathurst (north of Bloor a block or two) or Fortune on Spadina? Nella cucina had a spetzle tool so I assume they would have a spiraler...

    1. You can get it at Tap Phong (sp?) on Spadina, Nikalou at Bathurst and Queen or in the Kitchen store on the top level of St. Lawrence Market. It is made by Ben Rinner but be warned it costs about $110.00

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        Yeah, I'm not interested in the fancy version, more like Starfrit level. I'll start in Chinatown, I guess.

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          Let me know if you find one on Spadina. I have a plastic mandolin that was like $20 and it is totally fine. Upaya naturals looks good though, there is one for $26.

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            Upaya has been mentioned twice, no address or link...

      2. I have an electric gizmo made by Presto that cuts veggies into continuous curls of "spaghetti". It's kind of cute and it really works, not that it has any profound culinary merits. I don't know whether this item is still available - it's about 25 years old and cost about $10 at the time.

        1. I bought a cheap plastic potato peeler at Canadian Tire, made by Starfrits. That was a few years ago, and it was $18. It is cheap and flimsy, but it works, if you clean it and take care of it, and use it with respect. I can make a russet into a 20'string. Haven't tried zucchini, but I will!

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            What about one of the Japanese food stores? Same place you'd buy one of those plastic mandolin thingies? I know I've see the one that you turn the handle and it spins the veggie into string.

          2. spiralizer there is a place in toronto you can buy it online and pic up if you are local. UPAYA NATURALS check out their site