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Jul 23, 2008 06:36 PM

Extra Cherry Tomatoes

I've got 2 pounds from my yard, any ideas?

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  1. Yep...this is what I just posted also under the recent grape tomato's excellent and you can use other herbs, basil and oregano are what I've already tried with it and it works for cherry or grape tomatoes:

    1. Cherry tomato tarte - oven dried before adding to tarte. I'm sure it's on epicurious.

      1. Roast them then make this

        I usually make half the recipe (one pound of grape or cherry tomatoes) and it'll take a sheet to roast the one pound.

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          I like to roast them along with some shallots and garlic, and then toss it all with fresh pasta and maybe a little basil.

          1. re: Pia

            Also great if you add some fresh bread crumbs to the tomatoes before roasting, then toss with the hot pasta.

            Also, I love to make a salad with small cherry tomatoes left whole, olive oil, sherry vinegar, and crumbled Maytag blue (or feta). Serve with crusty bread, I can make a meal off of it if the tomatoes come from a home garden!

          1. I often make a quick summer pasta sauce using cherry tomatoes with garlic, olive oil and chopped arugula. All done in a saute pan. Nice over Rottini.