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Jul 23, 2008 05:59 PM

Grace Restaurant on College

A friend and I have a reservation at Grace for this Friday.

Are we in for a treat?

Any suggestions on what to order?

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  1. Yes. It's a fantastic spot - great room, great food.

    Not sure if the menu is still the same as it was a couple of months ago when I was there for a pair of visits, but if they're still available, I highly recommend the mushroom gnocchi, chicken pot pie and bbq short ribs.


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    1. re: gregclow

      Thanks, gregclow. You've got me excited now.

      1. re: cherrypicker1972

        The bbq short ribs for sure they are tender...oh so wonderful.

        I also enjoyed the tomato and avacodo salad with bacon vinegrette as a starter.

        I am sure whatever you get you will enjoy yourself.

    2. I posted a review from my visit there a couple of months ago - really enjoyed it. Standout dish was the corn chowder with crab fritter. Here's the earlier thread:

      1. I don't think you can go wrong with any dish. I enjoyed everything when I went. Chicken pot pie and chocolate souffle were excellent!

        1. was there a couple days ago... quite nice.

          love the room and the spaciousness it has to pass through. couldn't get a day-of reso for earlier in the week but chanced it on their walk-in traffic front patio. tight but lovely spot with nice furniture. still can't get over the cream and nearly tiffany blue walls in some spots... casual elegance.

          the service was good though at times unavailable. plenty of people walking around but they didn't seem to be following any kind of script re timing and did require a bit of flagging down. no one really asking until way too late if everything was ok, seems to be a growing trend in the casualness of service staff in toronto these days.

          thankfully everything was pretty good. scallops were seared for a nice crispy sweet shell (though on one side) but i found them a little more cooked than i would have preferred. they were an ok size and a portion of 4 made it ok. the pairing with the very fennel infused cucumber gel was surprising but inspired. i would have appreciated a spoon from the get go as the gel instantly turned into liquid from the heat. roasted cherry tomatoes were perfection.

          gazpacho with horseradish was a bit overwhelmed with red pepper to the point that i wouldn't necessarily say tomato was anywhere near the star. dining companion enjoyed it though i wouldn't order it.

          short ribs were meltingly tender and just fantastically lovely. there was a nice balance to the sweet potatoes in terms of crisp and soft textures. really like their purple slaw as it wasn't too creamy at all. very nice sized portion.

          ordering the quail is always a situation where i have to force myself into a certain mindset. yes, it looks tiny... but it's really ok. you don't need a mound of food to feel good about your choice. nice taught but sticky skin, a few minutes under the broiler to get it crisp would have been nice though it would have likely torn. tender and just moist enough meat. delicious stuffing that certainly did help to fill and i'm generally not a fan of stuffing. very fresh though slighty crunch pea mash and perfectly tender little carrots. i scraped as much meat off of the little leg and wingtip bones as i could, definitely thankful they removed the ribcage.

          i forgot about the bread we started with. nice crunch exterior and soft tender chewy delightfulness on the interior... and warm! i'm tempted to say we've got a contender with batifole for best free bread in the city. there was almost nothing i could do to stop from eating it all that they had to take it away.

          passed on desserts because we were stuffed and wanted to move onto a wine bar. though the selection was nicely varied on their list and there was no way we were not dining there and starting our meal with a half glass of brut! who else offers that?!?! loved the graves as a perfect summer patio wine but didn't delve into the reds.

          only real complaint would be the astronomical difference in prices on apps but the service was fine enough and the food quite tasty that i'd definitely go again and make reservations weeks in advance.