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Jul 23, 2008 05:56 PM

How delicate to be with All-Clad

I have a few All-Clad MC^2 pots and pans. I've had them for a couple of years now (they were given as a gift), and my wife and I enjoy them.

My question is this, when we were given them we were told: don't wash them in the dishwasher, and don't use metal utensils with them.

This seemed odd since they are stainless, but whatever...I'm no expert.

So what's the truth, how gentle do I have to be to these babies?

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  1. I would never put any stainless pans in a dishwasher because the cleaning chemicals are very destructive and will pit the surface over time. I always wash them by hand with Bar Keepers Friend and a 3M pad or sponge.

    I do not understand why you could not use metal utensils on uncoated All-Clad, as that is what they were designed to be used with. I do not think twice about using my hand blender in my All-clad pots, they do show some scratches but they have not abraded the surface.

    1. I'm not gentle with mine. I use my AC tools (metal) with my AC pots & pans (which are all stainless). I also throw 'em in the dishwasher & haven't had any problems. Otherwise, if soap & soft sponge doesn't work, BKF usually does.

      MrOCAnn once left the stove on low and burnt an AC, but after researching this board, it was like new after using Easy Off oven cleaner.

      Although I like these pots nice & shiney (and they still are), I also like the slight wear & tear they've earned over the years.

      1. Beat the hell out of em. Any stainless--even the cheapest--will outlast all of us.

        1. MC2 is brushed aluminum on the outside and only stainless in the interior. Dishwasher detergents can permanently damage and discolor aluminum so that line is hand wash only. If you're using it more for function than for looks, then you can use the dishwasher.

          1. Sadly, I, too am not kind to my All Clad. I'd get a sex change operation before I'd buy cooware that I couldn't put in the dishwasher.

            I've put my All Clad SS in the dishwasher for 12+ years and I get comments all the time about how shiny and new they look. They are not pitted, discolored, dulled in the least.

            They get BK Friend when they have a stain or something -- BK solves all problems.

            If you put hard iodized cookware in the dishwasher you will void the warranty but SS if fine.

            I use metal utensils in them too. I even have All Clad metal utensils!! Why would they make them if they scratched their cookware?