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Jul 23, 2008 05:34 PM

Where Can I Buy Ramapo Tomatoes?

Today in the NYT food section, Ramapo tomatoes are cited as the real, old fashioned,Jersey tomato. There is a farm in Cherry Hill growing acres of them. Does anyone know of a farm stand where these are for sale. Even at $4.00 a gallon gas I am willing to drive to NJ from Philly to get some.

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  1. The farm where you can purchase these is Springdale Farms on Springdale Rd. in Cherry Hill. The Ebert family has owned this farm for generations and it the last farm in CH. I would call before you go just to be sure they have them that day. Springdale also has baked goods, including good pies and cider donuts.
    It is an easy ride from the city. Just take 70 East into Cherry Hill. About a mile after you pass under 295 make a right onto Springdale Road (major intersection with light; do not take the first exit for the loop that takes you onto Springdale Road North). A branch of Camden County College will be on the corner as a landmark. Stay in the right lane, and Springdale Farm will be down about 1/2 mile on the right side.
    You are maybe 15 minutes from the BF Bridge to Springdale Farms, FYI.
    I am growing Ramapo tomatoes for the first time this year. Unfortunately, I have not been having great luck with my tomato crop. However, I gave a Ramapo plant to my neighbor and he has some nice tomatoes on it ready in about a week or so. If you want to purchase the plants next year to grow, let me know and I will tell you where I bought them in NJ as they are hard to find plants.

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      Rutgers has a list of where you can purchase the plants and markets where they sell the tomatoes organized by county.:

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        missclaudy: I should have been clearer in this, as I also read that article in the NYT yesterday. The farmer mentioned in the article, is in fact, the owner of Springdale Farms. That's the farm I reference in my posting.
        Oh, and gas is less than $4 here in S. Jersey, so you can fill up on your way back to PA!

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          Thanks everyone. I called Springdale this morning and the Ramapos won't be ready for a few more weeks. The blossoms were killed off by a heat spell in June (several nights over 70 degrees) so new ones had to form, delaying the crop. The woman on the phone is so sweet and explained this all to me. She reports they have other delicious tomatoes, I'll go soon.

      2. Mazza's Farm Market Mill Rd. & Burton Ave., Northfield (Atlantic County) NJ:

        Directions: GSP Exit 36 E to Tilton Rd. (Rt. 563), Right onto Rt. 9 S, Next light to Mill Rd. 3 blocks - on Right at Corner
        Phone: (609) 646-1130


          If you plan early, you can purchase seeds and plant as many ramapo's as you like!

          1. For 2009
            One note we found these to be late season bloomers.
            Most of the tomatoes we planted were not ready to eat until Early-Mid September

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