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Jul 23, 2008 05:01 PM

A bucket of fresh figs -- What do I do?

A customer came by with a bucket of freshly picked figs -- and said she'd be bringing by at least a bucket every couple of days until she runs out of them.

My restaurant is a small place. We sell some desserts, but not enough to go through this amount of figs in such a short space of time. Does anyone have any ideas about how to preserve/pickle, in short DEAL with them?

My thanks in advance.

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    1. I made a fig preserve a couple of years ago when I had a bumper crop off my tree:

      4 parts peeled figs, cut into 1/2 in. pieces
      1 part sugar
      1 part honey
      1 or 2 T. lemon juice (depending on amount of figs)

      Simmer on low until the figs are completely translucent.

      I used mine with a cheese course and spread on waffles in the morning until it was gone.

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        Have you ever "canned" this? Is it thick or runny? Can you give any more info?

      2. figs and cheese such as chevre as an appetizer with a raspberry dressing.

        1. Fresh figs are wonderful on salads, especially with bacon and warm goat cheese! Google for some great salad recipes. Bacon wrapped figs can be an appetizer special.

          1. I seem to recall that figs wrapped in prosciutto is a classic dish. Me, I'd probably just sit down and eat them myself until I was too sick to go on.

            The thought of figs with prosciutto is making my mouth water.

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              with some prosecco or another sparkling wine...wonderful!