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Jul 23, 2008 04:57 PM

Portland CH needs help for three nights in Burlingame

I am a Palo Alto native living in Portland Oregon and will be stuck at the SF airport Westin for three days next week in order to take the California Bar exam. I will only survive this experience if I can get out for a decent meal and good glass of wine (note glass, not bottle - this is a three day exam!). I will be in the exam until 5pm at the SM expo center. I need good, low key and relaxing meals and have the typical c.h. requests of local, fresh, thoughtful food. When I left town 15 years ago there was no such thing anywhere near the SF airport hotel zone, I hope and assume this has changed. Please point me to nice spots that will get me happily fed and in bed at a reasonable hour. Under these circumstances, cost is not an issue. I have rental car and reasonable left-over knowledge of the geography heading south, not so much north. Thanks and, note to not take a second bar exam 10 years later - once is enough.

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    1. If I were taking an exam like yours, I'd go to Sirayvah in San Carlos. It was the first place that came to mind: a very soothing, comfortable place that serves very good organic Thai food. I think you'll find a number of favorable mentions on this board if you do a quick search.

      Sirayvah Organic Thai
      366 El Camino Real, San Carlos, CA

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        I second Sirayvah. If you like tapioca, the tapioca and corn dessert is wonderful, though it varies a bit from night to night.

      2. About a year ago, I had a very tasty Italian dinner at Sapore on Burlingame Ave. A hot dish with prawns. Pleasant service. If you sit by the large open window, it might be fairly quiet. If you want really quiet, Ecco has nice food and ambience. On a side street off the Ave., maybe Lorton?

        1. A place I've wanted to try is just off Grand Avenue in South San Francisco - The Wine Vault

          A nice place I like but maybe not what you want is El Charro. Not a fancy place, but great margaritas. On Thursday night there is live music ... an older guitar player who sings with soul. The owner is Bolivian so there are a few Bolivian dishes on the menu which are quite good in their simplicity.

          1. The original comment has been removed