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Jul 23, 2008 04:36 PM

Walleye/frozen custard near sandusky, Ohio

Looking for a restaurant near Sandusky, Ohio that serves the best walleye. Have motorcycle - will travel, but not too too far from Sandusky.
And...any recs for frozen custard or a great dessert place after a day at Cedar Point?

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  1. How about the Angry Trout at Bayview?

    1. Oh god at first I thought you meant Walleye flavored Frozen Custard..

      Sounded like some of the odd ice creams from Iron Chef.

      Although I admit...I think I would try it. Just a sampler portion though....

      1. Can't help with the custard, but I can recommend the Jolly Roger in Port Clinton for great perch & walleye. We ate there twice over the 4th of July weekend and would have gone back except we were staying in Huron on the east side of Sandusky. It's everything a beachfront fish shack should be, it wouldn't be out of place on Cape Cod.