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Jul 23, 2008 04:26 PM

Dallas Lunch with Dad

My dad's coming into town Friday and we're going to lunch. Any good ideas for a great meal? It can be very fancy or not. The two conditions are that we like big portions and most likely will want some chicken options (I don't think I'll have the taste for Fogo de Chao because I'm going to Pappas Saturday). Thanks. And location shouldn't be a problem, though just so you know we already plan on being as far north as Preston and Legacy (Plano) and as far south as Eatzi's.

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  1. I also meant to say that we like fish too. So just as long as the restaurant isn't exclusively beef we should be fine. Thanks

    1. One more thing. It doesn't have to be extremely healthy, but we don't like stuff like fried chicken or pizza (at least for this lunch). So I guess no junk food.

        1. Craft has chicken on the lunch menu. Since you can order sides seperately, you can order healthy.

          1. El Fuego in Richardson. It's only open for lunch so for me it's hard to get to and I wouldn't miss a chance. It's both unique and good, and since it's relatively inexpensive, it's easy to order as much or little as you like.