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Jul 23, 2008 04:22 PM

Hundred Acres, Delicatessen, or neither?

I was looking for a place to eat with friends who are really picky - "I don't like too spicy" , "I don't like looking at a menu with unfamilliar things" etc. I don't really have to much in my repertoire in the area of general american. I've noticed these two relatively new spots which I was thinking of trying, but the couple of menupages reviews so far have been pretty lackluster. Has anyone been to these places yet? are they both skipable or an okay choice for run of the mill american?

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  1. Skip both & go to Shorty's, Schillers, or FivePoints. Hundred Acres isn't there yet (maybe soon) and Delicatessen is amateur night in Dixie. Everything looks & sounds better from the Food (sounds nice, but no execution and poor preparation), Ambiance (looks good, but uncomfortable), & service (clueless the movie). The three recommendations do it right.

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      i'd agree with the five points rec., but if it came down to a choice between the original two, i'd go with hundred acres. been twice and had one very good experience, one so-so. service is swell...but since they change menu offerings so often, it's tough to nail down. delicatessen was substandard on all counts on my one visit.