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Jul 23, 2008 03:52 PM

SEA dinner rec for 10th anniversary

I'm looking for a place in Seattle to go for dinner for our 10th anniversary? I was initially thinking Harvest Vine as we both like Spanish food/Tapas but would welcome any other suggestions as we have only lived in the Seattle area for a year. To give you some idea of our tastes we are very adventurous and almost anything is fair game. Good food and fun are more important than a romantic anniversary-type atmosphere. We have recently been to Lark and consider it one of our finest dinning experiences so far in the area. As far as price goes I have been saving up for this for some time so price is not a consideration - it is our anniversary after-all!

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  1. Le Gourmad in Ballard. Romantic setting and very good food.

    1. We have yet to get to Crush, but it gets my vote based on CH comments.

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      1. Rover's or Cafe Juanita. Everything is good at either. Rover's does French with a Northwest twist. Cafe Juanita is Italian with an emphasis on organic, but not your spaghetti and meatballs Italian--much more sophisticated. Have never been disappointed at either.

        If you order the right things at Tango (Spanish inspired tapas), you can do well. The mushrooms with Serrano ham are a favorite. And the El Diablo dessert (chocolate, chiles, meringue, caramel) is out of this world