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Jul 23, 2008 03:48 PM

Hatch New Mexico Information.

I have always wanted to visit Hatch New Mexico.

I saw a lot of posts and links about the chiles but not too many on places to eat.

Does anyone have a recommendation for the "definitive" New Mexican restaurant to visit while there and traveling through Hatch. Depending on the drive times I will be there for either lunch or dinner. Not likely to be in town for breakfast.

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  1. Just north of Hatch, in Truth or Consequences, is a place called La Cocina. Great food!

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      Well, OK -minus when we tried it, though that's been a year or three back. We did find a good bkfst place downtown (& posted it here, ims), but have never found anything Chow-worthy in Hatch. In cafes, that is <GG>.

      Cheers -- Pete Tillman
      now in Taos

    2. We usually go through Hatch at least once a year enrouge from Tucson to Colorado or other New Mexico destinations. We've tried pretty much everything in town - and there isn't much! We're down to a Green chile burger at Dairy Queen.

      On the way home to Tucson, we always purchase fresh chiles in Hatch.

      1. I've never had a meal in Hatch. But, do keep an eye out for a stall in a carport on the NE side of town (on the way to I-25) selling bags of roasted, dried green chiles, they are great. They taste very different from the fresh roasted ones.

        If you decide to eat elsewhere, there's a long thread here somewhere about places in Las Cruces you could probably find. There's also a great place in Truth or Consequences called Bella Luca (303 Jones St., 575-894-9866) with nice sandwiches and Italian-influenced dishes; it's not New Mexican but it is very good! La Cocina in TorC (on N. Date St. next to the I-25) has pretty standard NM food in my opinion, but I agree it's the best place of that type in town.

        I'm not sure where you're from, but if you're driving in from the west I suggest you try to avoid eating in Deming. Perhaps someone will chime in with a hidden gem now, but I've never had a decent meal there, and even the fast-food chains (normally my last choice, but predictable) are bad.

        1. Hey all Thanks for the follow up. Of course I got to Hatch and did not have an internet connection to check your posts. I ended up eating at the B&E Burritos and was a little wary as I walked in. The flies were very aggressive and I could just imagine the bodies of the last 4 diners stored on ice somewhere back behind the counter.

          So I recalled one of my sayings, usually said in jest, "If its dirty it is probably authentic indigenous cuisine" and considered when I would be in Hatch next. I man'd up and ordered the Chile Verde Burrito. Man was it good. Spicy hot so you say "ow" but also so good you wade in for more. I got it to go and drove over towards some of the pepper fields. Dining Al Fresco I enjoyed the drippy, spicy little burrito. A few days later now and I am still free of Montezuma's curse. No ill effects at all.

          I also picked up some fresh green chiles, the first of the harvest for this year had just come in. They were fabulous.

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            Recently newspaper and TV reports indicate that the green chile harvest is way down. While red chiles can be machine-harvested, green chiles have to be hand-picked. A labor shortage has caused some farmers to replace chiles with other crops. Automation is being developed but is reportedly two years away. See

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              yes automation has been being worked out for a few years, an aquantience of mine who owns a machine shop has had this as an ongoing project, i haven't talked to him in a few years, but he was close then.

          2. You might want to check out the Jane and Michael Stern's Roadfood book or website. We used it when we visited and were not disappointed.

            I wish I could remember the name of the restaurants. Sorry!