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What can I do with chestnut paste?

On a quick trip to Paris, I was charmed by little cans of chestnut paste (they came four cans in a little container.) I was thinking it might be a Nutella like substance, but I have no idea what to do with it. Any ideas?

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    1. Swirl into a batch of homemade ice cream, or heat and dilute with cream, and pour it over ice cream you already have. Marble a cheesecake or brownies with it. Layer in a dacquoise, or use to fill macarons.

      And sometimes I just sneak a spoonful when I've got a sugar craving.

      1. I think I've seen it in a number of cookie recipes. Or tarts.

        I would go to the company's Web site. I would bet they have recipe ideas.


        1. It is NOT Nutella like. Not even remotely!
          Try heating it with milk chocolate, cool, stir in whipped cream (and stiffly beaten eggwhite for lightness). Yummy chestnut mousse.
          Is it sweetened? If not I'm sure you can use it in meat dishes - these are not in my repertoire!

          1. See my post on an amazing chestnut tart I found: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/520620
            You also need chestnut purée (unsweetened) and cooked chestnuts, but both are fairly easily come by in fancy foods stores or online.
            This recipe is to die for.

            1. I make a butternut squash pie with a maple chestnut cream underneath the squash layer... if you want the recipe...

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              1. use it to stuff a turkey. Some crispy bacon bits, some tarragon and chestnut paste!

                1. I've had it as a cake filling, in a light sponge-style cake with not-very-sweet, dense whipped-cream like dressing. If you're a baker, the recipe for the cake would be something like these: http://www.chinese-forums.com/showthr...

                  1. It makes the best cake in the world, or use it as a filling in a tart:
                    tart crust, chestnut paste, fruit....

                    Amazing ice cream. That's a great suggestion.

                    1. We had both sweetened and unsweetened chestnuts left over from a photo shoot last winter, so I just had this same dilemma.

                      If it's not sweetened, Spicy Chestnut Soup

                      If it's sweetened, Chestnut Swirl Coffeecake
                      Both are easy and good./

                      1. chestnut paste is one of my favorite things...the easiest way to enjoy it is to spread it on good vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce.
                        You can also slice a pound cake in half (horizontally) and use the chestnut paste as a filling, then glaze the top and sides of the cake with dark chocolate, sprinkle top with pistachios.

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                          oh, that sounds mouthwatering...please make some for me right now...

                          1. Serve a scoop of chestnut paste alongside a little creme fraiche for a simple and delicious dessert.