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Jul 23, 2008 03:28 PM

Ribollita - is it a soup or a casserole?

I was in Florence recently, looking forward to having some authentic Tuscan dishes, especially Ribollita. However, I never did have it. I did speak to some Americans who had it there and they said it was very thick--like a casserole/bread pudding. They said you could eat it with a fork. Most of the recipes I've come across are more like soups--like minestrone with bread in it.

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  1. Ribollita is a vegetable soup that has been thickened, generally with bread. Depending on when it was made, it can be either a very thick soup or something kind of semi-solid. I would eat it with a tablespoon, not a fork. Here's a website:

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      well I eat bread pudding with a spoon so I dont know how much I will help but it is a thick soup.I would never describe it as a casserole.

    2. Last fall we too were in Florence, and we had Ribollita, and we also cooked it. it was definitely thick, but i would describe it as a stew, not a bread pudding.

      peace, jill

      1. Ribollita is a soup - it is a bread soup. I had it in Florence and it was fantastic. Lots of recipes out there, too.

        1. IMO the best recipe to recreate authentic ribollita like I had in Tuscany is Lidia's. It has the taste and texture of Italy.

          It's very thick, but not a casserole!