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Jul 23, 2008 03:26 PM

Dining suggestions in Orlando

I am here visiting Orlando with family for the week and we would like some suggestions on restaurants in the area. Willing to try anything. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Normans in the Ritz Carlton
    Primo in the JW Marriott
    Ravenous Pig in Winter Park
    K Restaurant in College Park
    Vines Grille on Sand Lake Road
    Seito Sushi in Baldwin Park

    Enjoy Orlando!

    1. While my initial reaction to your inquiry is to suggest you contact your concierge, I recommend that you conduct a "search" of the local forum next time (Florida or otherwise). This topic has been discussed ad nauseum; however, because I am feeling particularly charitably-inclined, I will direct you to several lengthier discussions of the subject.

      If you narrow down your locations (e.g., how far you're willing to travel, cuisine, whether you're traveling with picky eaters [children, etc]) then I'm sure that the respectable members of this forum will add their own suggestions.

      That said, I agree with jadea3's recommendations, and in particular, the Ravenous Pig and Seito Sushi. I also add the following:

      Lac Viet (vietnamese),
      Porky's BBQ (in Apopka - outside of Orlando),
      Numero Uno (Cuban
      )Taverna Opa (Greek)
      Greek Flame (Greek)
      Pizza del Dio (Pizza) (though I suspect you're accustomed to good pizza in NJ)
      Cityfish (casual seafood)
      SEA Thai (Thai)
      Ceviche (Tapas)
      Choo Choo Churros (Argentinian)

      A search for any of these restaurants will likely reveal reviews by the members.

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        Hey, thanks for the chuckle. I needed that today!!

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          Porky's BBQ in Apopka... mmmmmmmm....

        2. The original comment has been removed