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Jul 23, 2008 03:26 PM

Cheap and Fun Restaurant for a Birthday

I'm looking for a place to celebrate a 21st birthday in the Boston/Cambridge Area with a group of around 15 people. We prefer a place that's T accessible, cheap (entrees under 20), and where we can have a decent amount of fun. A place with outdoor seating would be nice, but isn't necessary. Any recommendations?

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  1. These places could take 15 people and have entrees in the $15 range: Silvertone downtown, Columbus Cafe in the south end (has a patio), Publik House and Beacon St. Tavern in Brookline (have patios), Eastern Standard in Kenmore Sq. (if you stick with apps and sandwiches; has a patio), Devlin's in Brighton Center (has a patio).

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      15 people in Public House woulld be pretty tight.....also I think the food is good but the menu is very limited . eastern standard is very good but price may be an issue.

    2. courtside lounge (150 yards from the lechmere stop) on thursday or friday nights is fun. if you call they will reserve a table for you. food is on the cheaper side, but adequate (my wife likes the grilled chicken sandwich, and the fries are decent, crispy). the reason to go is that they have a HUGE book of karaoke songs, and a very supportive and diverse crowd, so there will be plenty of fun. i think it starts at 9pm. no outdoor seating, though.

      1. Maybe head over to Sunset Grill? When I turned 21, I wanted to be around people my age. I've only had nachos there, which were tasty.
        Then go to Big City or Our House for some pool?

        1. Grendel's Den perhaps? It is very T accessible in Harvard Sq, has outside seating, and is inexpensive. You could head to redline for drinks after dinner.