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Jul 23, 2008 02:52 PM

Great Inexpensive Salad

Coming to the city with a firend and will moslty be eating inexpensive NY standouts, such as pastrami sandwich from Katz's, Papaya King, Pommes Frites, NY Noodletown, and bagels. At some point, we'll need something fresh and green. Anything come to mind for a really good salad or salad bar, not too expensive? We'll be touring throughout the city so most any location in Manhattan would be welcome. Thanks!

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  1. you should go to keens chophouse and have the cobb salad for lunch. it's the best in the city hands down.

    1. For a real NYC experience, check out the salad at Bistro 49, 49th St bet. Park and Madison (north side of street). It's one of those "everything-in-one-place" midtown business lunch places. (Closes around 2pm.) They have an 'everything' salad for $7 which seems to fit in with your theme. Pick your greens, and (unlike those trendier overpriced salad places) you can get unlimited add-ins. They have various meats (grilled and breaded chicken, tuna chunks, ham, turkey, sometimes spicy shrimp), stuffed grape leaves, mozzarella balls, feta chunks, snow peas, artichoke hearts, all the good stuff. And they do a huge turnover so everything is very fresh. They also have a good noodle (udon) bar and mongolian bbq. Try to get there before 12:30 because they start running out of some ingredients on busy days. One of these salads is a meal and a half,and always tasty.

      BTW, I'm not sure what your definition of 'inexpensive' is, but the recommendation above for Keens' Cobb salad, at $22.xx, falls outside of mine.

      1. MY FAVORITE is on houston street...Cafe Cononial. I live on 65th Street and often head there alone JUSt for the Oriental Chicken Salad.

        1. Around my office I really like the salads at Chop't or Just Salad, especially with one of their interesting dressings or fried onions. But at $11 a pop, I don't think it cheap. You might, however, get some fresh greens cheaply if you go ethnic and try papaya salad at Zabb Thai City or Rhong-Tiam.

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            Oh, JungMann,

            I just wrote a post about papaya salad before I saw your post! I did like the papaya salad at Zabb City (from your and Miss Needle's recommendation!) except that they didn't have the salty raw crabs. Anyway, so Rhong Tiam is another pick?

          2. Fried calamari salad at china grill rocks too

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