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Jul 23, 2008 02:44 PM

Birmingham, one night only

Going to Birmingham again, for one night only. We have done this twice before in the last year or two. We have eaten at Chez Fon Fon and Ocean. What else do you suggest? I have read good things about: Daniel George, Highlands Bar and Grill, Veranda on Highland, and Cafe Dupont. Any comments about these or other suggestions?

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  1. I'd add to the list Bottega (not the more casual Bottega Cafe, although it's good too) and Hot & Hot Fish Club. I've been hearing really good things about the restaurant at Ross Bridge Resort too, although I haven't personally tried it yet.

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    1. re: sheilal

      daniel george or Highlands. Chef's counter if you go the Hot & Hot route.

      1. re: eatyourveggies1

        Highlands or Dupont, in that order. daniel george and Veranda, while good, are not on the same level as the other two.

        I would not consider Hot and Hot--the food there has declined markedly since Chris Hastings stopped running the kitchen on a nightly basis.

    2. I forgot about GianMarco's in Homewood. Excellent italian food. They have a fairly small menu selection, but everything I've tried is wonderful. Order the gnocchi if they have it on the menu.

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        I agree wholeheartedly with the rec for GianMarco's, and I eat there about once every two weeks. I had one of the specials there last night--three huge diver scallops over crab meat, corn and tomatoes--and it was superb.

        If you plan to go there and sit in the dining room, you should call a good week in advance to get a reservation (they stay that busy). Alternatively, you can do like the regulars and sit at the bar where reservations are not taken.

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          Well, we have to take a few of the suggestions off the list. We would prefer not to drive (drink and drive---trying to be safe). So we are limited to the Five Points area, which has quite a few good choices. But unfortunately takes Daniel George and GianMarco's off the list. We also are taking Highlands Bar and Grill off the list because my husband does not want to where a jacket (sport coat). We could go to Highlands if we eat on the bar side.
          So I guess it is down to bar side of Highlands Bar & Grill or Chez Fon Fon. I know there are others but don't remember. Thanks

          1. re: south foodie

            Since you have been to Fonfon, I would do the bar at Highlands (which is the side I go to most every time). The bartenders/waiters will take care of you very well.

            Alternatively, take the short cab ride from Five Points to GianMarco's (less than 10 minutes).

            1. re: pinotboy

              I second pinotboy on the bar side at Highlands. It is the preferred spot for many because the atmosphere is fun and a little more lively. No need to worry about getting second-rate service, either. It's also seriously one of the best bars in Birmingham so regardless of whether or not you eat there, you should stop by for drinks or a drink and dessert after dinner.

              With that said, Bottega would be a quick 2-3 minutes cab ride from the heart of 5 points.

            2. re: south foodie

              Highlands is always excellent. I know I have seen people in the dining room without a coat, especially in the summer. We also have eaten on the bar side many many times.