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Jul 23, 2008 02:43 PM

Smith and Wollensky? Other steakhouses?

I'm going to Philly next week and I want to know, since I've never been to a Smith & Wollensky before, should I go there, or are there any other places? I dont want to go to Mortons, The Prime Rib (I'm from Baltimore, I'll stick with the original), Ruth's Chris, Capital Grille. Thanks a lot

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  1. Barclay Prime is not a chain and it is terrific...but expensive. I really think it is the best place for steak in Philly.

    1. table 31 is new and has alot of steak, again its expensive

      1. Please dont go to S&W. Save your money. Go across the Square to Barclay Prime. It is a wonderful experience. Try the Kobe sliders for an appetizer. If you insist on going to a chain the it is Capital Grille.

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          I agree, please, please, not S&W. Barclay Prime is a better option. Table 31 has mixed reviews in my world, I guess you want steak house, but Osteria has a Steak Florentine to share for 2 that is amazing.

        2. If you aren't going to the Capital Grille, you might as well stay home!

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            I made a reservation for Barclay Prime, thanks for the advice.