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Jul 23, 2008 02:28 PM

Who has tried Primo Gelato in Vancouver?

I was playing around with Google Maps trying to plan my upcoming trip to Vancouver. I typed in Gelato to locate gelato places near where I will be staying (West End Guest House on Haro)

Anyway, Mundo Gelato is my ultimate fave (I hate to admit it, but that is on the top 5 of reasons to come back to Vancouver for a 3rd time!) but I noticed Primo Gelato on the map. Actually, it is kind of funny. They are only a few doors down from Mundo on BOTH Robson and Denman! (Yet I don't remember ever seeing them)

I LOVE gelato! I have tried quite a few places that weren't Mundo and was quite disappointed. - But if someone tells me it is really good, I might want to taste for myself.

So, who has been? Is it worth a try? The website sure makes it look good!!

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  1. Last time I was in Van the one on Denman had closed along with the Amato on that strip. Mondo was still around but there is also a marble slab creamery on Denman now.

    Anyway I recall trying Primo and it was completely forgettable.

    It's MONDO Gelato- Gelato World, not Gelato Mouth!

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      HaHa! My typo makes me laugh ... Of course I know it is Mondo! I don't know why I keep typing it wrong ... but I know I am not the only one. :-) Do a google search for "Mundo Gelato" and you will see. So I feel like an idiot, but at least I have company!!
      Thanks for telling me about Primo. I would hate to be spending monety that could be spent at M-O-N-D-O