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Jul 23, 2008 01:27 PM

DC Restaurant Week - How Am I Doing?

I've really enjoyed restaurant week in New York in the past. Having recently moved to DC, I'm eager to use it as an opportunity to try out some good restaurants in my new city. I am not a fan of surcharges (avoided Vidalia for that reason) and I like it when all or a good section of a menu is offered - basically, I think it's somewhat pointless unless you're getting a feel for the restaurant as well as a good value. Can y'all who know these restaurants/this city provide me with some feedback? Much appreciated!

(I made reservations at all these places, then I'm going to keep those that I most want...)

Dinner: Zola, Tosca, Ten Penh, Il Mulino, Ceiba, DC Coast, Charlie Palmer

Lunch: Hook

any that I'm missing? any I should stay away from? Thanks!!!

Oh, and I will be sure to report back!

(anyone in New York for RW should go to the bar room at the modern - it's my favorite)

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  1. Looks pretty good to me I haven't been to all for RW, but I have been to Tosca normally and they have their whole menu, it is good, especially if they have the rabbit ragu! I liked Tenpenh for RW and Ceiba for a RW lunch. Hook is always good, I don't know what their RW menu looks like, but I can't imagine it would be bad with what their regular menu is like.

    Their is a long RW thread about the good and the bad on here, you would know it just from the number of posts, if you can find it, it is great. It has all the places to avoid. Rasika is extending, it is a good choice, and if you can make it to Farrah Olivia and can get a reservation, it is another of DC's top restaurants and is a deal for RW.

    Bistro Bis is another great choice.

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      I saw on your other thread that duplicated you asked for dish recommendations.

      I am not quite sure what the RW menus are, but I think Tenpenh normally has the spicy calamari salad on the menu, which if you like things spicy (I don't think it is that bad at all) it is really good. I also like the hot pot, and have had some of the fresh fish dishes at dinner, that were good, but that was in the winter so fish selection was probably different. They also have a great selection of loose leaf tea if you like that sort of thing.

      Ceiba: I went for lunch and they had a skirt steak with chimchurri that was tasty, I forget what else we had.

      Tosca as said above rabbit ragu is excellent, their veal was great too, but it probably has a surcharge. Their melon and prosciutto starter was wonderful this spring, the flavors were just great.

      Hook hasn't posted yet, but their grilled calamari, or black risotto are both excellent if either are starters, and the bluefish if available is very good. I have had other fish entrees that I loved, and other starters but the menu changes so often I now don't know what they were. Avoid the tic tac toe for dessert.

      Can't find any other menus yet.

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        Thanks! That was really helpful! I really appreciate it.

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        Just went to Ten Penh last night for RW. Lots of good food. I had their delcious non-alcoholic specialty cocktail with the pop rocks on the rim -- it was fun and passion-fruity. So good I had two. My salmon tartare was actually partially cooked and the cream cheese it was topped with helped me eat it with chopsticks...but I was surprised by the cream cheese. My sea scallops were just a touch overcooked and a little too salty but not horrible. The porkbelly that came with was fantastic - seasoned like char siu but meltingly tender. The mashed potatoes that were served with were a bit firm. Dessert of the blondie with coffee ice cream was really good... but it's impossible to mess up a simple ice cream and brownie combo. Of course I'll be back. They do yummy stuff there, and I really dig their wine list.

      3. zola is quite good, but holy moly is it trendy and popular. DC coast i think is a little overrated, same with charlie palmer, but i haven't seen any of my favorite steak places on the list so i guess it's probably still a safe bet. i had disdainfully poor service at ten penh awhile back but maybe they've cleaned up their act by now.

        1. man when you say restaurant WEEK you aren't kidding!! If 1789 is on the list, try to include it...the best "classic" restaurant in town. It's a good time to try it.

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          1. re: DCDOLL

            Actually, I'd go other places and save 1789 for a later date. During the summer, 1789 always offers a RW-like deal by presenting a coupon available on their web site. (Much of the time, the server doesn't even ask you to present the coupon, but you should go armed with it just in case.)

            Diners can choose one item from the menu's first/second courses, from the main courses, and from dessert. There are some upcharges; to the best of my memory these have included the filet and the lamb. The price is $37 and the offer is good through September 17.

            1. re: Indy 67

              yeah, we just did that a couple weeks ago and you are's probably better to do the coupon thing now than RW. It's an incredible deal.

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                Went to 1789 on Friday and did the coupon thing. Great deal with very few upcharges for entrees (lamb, steak, shrimp).

          2. I have actually been to all the aforementioned places during RW with the exception of Charlie Palmer and can say you are def on the right track - but not with Il Mulino. I had been to the one in NY and was excited to eat there at a considerable discount but was not impressed at all with the food or choices. I think Rasika or some of the others mentioned here would be a better pick. Tosca is great service and has the whole menu - possibly the best RW reservation in my opinion.

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