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Jul 23, 2008 01:28 PM

Please help me entertain a friend who is visiting Coppell next week

A woman I have known online for a few years is working in Coppell next week. I want to take her out for dinner, but there are a lot of requirements, and I got a little overwhelmed looking online. I was hoping someone here could help.

1. We don't want to drive far. I don't exactly know where in Coppell her work is, but I don't want to drive to downtown Dallas. I would like to stay in the area of Coppell. We will be meeting at a time of Bad Traffic, and I would rather just stay on the small roads. I am not ruling it out though. If there is someplace that is a Dallas must-not-miss, I might stretch it to go there.

2. She eats low carb, including a lot of fresh veggies, and good meats. I know she loves good quality food in general. I know she and I agree that iceberg lettuce needs to disappear from all restaurants, for example, so I don't want to end up someplace with iceberg lettuce salads. I know she also likes "fancy" beers, too, but that is a secondary consideration since she doesn't drink much any more.

3. I'm not rich, but I would like to pay. $25 (per person, without alcoholic beverages, but including the tax/tip) is pretty much my upper limit.

Now, it would be nice, but not necessary to take her somewhere unique, but I am not completely opposed to chains, if they really are great.

I have never done this before, and my husband and I don't eat out much and when we do, it is usally on the cheap, so I appreciate any help people here can give. I would like her to have a nice experience. Thanks.

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  1. Sunnyco,

    My recs for Las Colinas and Grapevine below would work as well for Coppell. Coppell is pretty much a barren wasteland for foodies.

    I can already tell you two areas of Coppell your friend might be working (121 and MacArthur/Denton Tap - more office area) or (north of 635 and west of Belt Line - big industrial area).

    I am not much of a salad eater but all of these places can accommodate your price range and I am sure there are a few things that you could find on the menus for a low carb eater.

    My personal picks would be Temptations in Irving (could have a vegetarian meal there and nix the rice and I think they have a bar here), First Chinese BBQ (Carrollton) can go for the Fish Filets w/ Steamed Tofu or Chinese Broccoli w/ Chinese Black Mushrooms (nix rice here also - no alcohol here), or Pho Pastuer II (Carrollton - tell them to put the noodles on the side - no alcohol) right next to First Chinese BBQ.

    Since your budget is pretty low I would suggest picking up a 6 pack of beer at your favorite liquor store and bringing them with you to the restaurant. You will save money that way. I am not sure how crazy you want to get with your brews but the Paulaner label has never dissappointed and are very high quality.

    All are oddly enough all are located on Belt Line which moves pretty well during rush hour on the NW side of town.