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Jul 23, 2008 01:13 PM

decent bar food/drinks?

My boyfriend and I are heading to NO tomorrow for a long weekend... when I first started looking around at places to go our first night there, I stumbled upon what seemed the perfect first night in NO starter... we don't get into NO until early evening, and so I was looking for somewhere we could eat that offered a bar atmosphere with something else to eat other than definitive bar food... I came across Cobalts and was very excited... until I realized they closed... which while searching through the posts may not be a bad thing? Anyway, we are staying in the warehouse district, on magazine, so somewhere close to that would be great... any good suggestions for somewhere that would mirror what Cobalt's bar, at least, seemed to offer? Thank you!!!

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  1. More restaurant than bar, but still casual and fun (more about food, less about drinks):
    Luke (same address as Cobalt...)

    More bar than restaurant, but with good food:
    Tommy's Wine Bar
    Orleans Grapevine (in the french quarter if you were heading there)
    Delachaise (still good after Chris left...$10 cab ride or easy streetcar ride uptown)

    I'd probably take the street car up to Delachaise and then go sit outside at the Columns or see if I could eat at the bar at Cochon (Birddog cocktail is seriously refreshing and the food is great). No smoking at the first group, probably smoking at the second group...

    1. Note...just noted that you're vegetarian. Might want to strike Cochon...very meat centric. Maybe someone else has another idea..

      Another option is to get to the Marigny (where you'll have more fun starting off your long weekend anyway than in the CBD) and eat at Mimi's. Real good small plates and veggie options.

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        What about Herbsaint? I have not eaten there but have heard good things from friends. Have you been there, thursby?

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          Herbsaint has been "off" our last 2 dinners. Used to love dining here. Entrees so dry and overcooked we couldn't eat even 1/2.

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            Thanks for the info Jazzy. Too bad.

            1. re: mrsfury

              I'd hate for my 2 bad dinners to discourage anyone from dining at Herbsaint b/c when they are on, it is absolutely delicious. I did not see Link in the kitchen either time the food was off. I have seen him when it was stellar. Perhaps a call to see if he'll be in the kitchen is in order. Of course this could just be coincidence.

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            I've been there, but not super recently. I think of it much more as a sit-down restaurant though..and I actually like eating in/at bars to start an evening out. Sitting at the bar is more casual, generally faster and more lively, and easier to chat with folks who are not in my party. Great bars to eat at (which should probably be a separate category) include appetizers at Cafe Amelie (surprising) and Lilette (which has the advantage that I can walk to it)!

            1. re: thursby

              Your mentioning Cafe Amelie reminded me to post and suggest Cafe Adelaide. After dinner the couple can walk by the Piazza D'Italia. It is beautiful at night.

              1. re: mrsfury

                i have to second this w/a slight variation. i had a great time at the swizzle stick bar which is the bar of cafe adelaide. we wandered in too late for lunch for the cafe but the bar had food(i had a teriffic duck po'boy w/delicious hand cut fries)& terrific drinks(a very good sazerac). we were there the day tiger woods won his fantastic open victory which was showing on the bar big screen tv & it seemed like everyone staying in the hotel, the staff, & casual passers-by were in there watching. highly recommended.

        2. Not quite sure what the draw of bar is for you. Is it that you want something more casual than table seating at a restaurant? Do you want to get in and out faster? Is your primary focus going to be drinking, but you want decent food to accompany?

          RioMar in the Warehouse District is excellent. Not sure how strict vegetarian you are (or even if you are a vegetarian as your name implies), but the menu is heavy on the seafood, with emphasis on ceviches and other Spanish dishes.

          If you are eating meat, I would hands down recommend Cochon, which has ample bar seating, as well as "chef's counter" seating which looks directly into the open kitchen. Cochon has a great drink selection and small plates that feel casual when sitting at the bar. (I would stick to small plates over entrees, which on the whole are not as successful.) Cochon is also in the Warehouse District.

          1. Thanks for all of your help!!! We leave today and I am SO excited to finally check out NOLA... I've wanted to go for ages... and we figured there was no better way to spend our stimulus checks!!!

            1. We always start at the Bombay Club. Great atmosphere, drinks and food. They have great salads and pasta dishes. I'd call ahead and see if Cheif Giles would make a Vegi entree.