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Jul 23, 2008 01:10 PM

starbucks whole beans

Okay. So my college (NYU) has Starbucks under our meal plan. Since it's summer, we only have a few dining establishments open, Starbucks being one of them. We get a set amount of "dining dollars" to use in addition to our meal plans.

I get $25 dollars a week, that roll over every week, to spend. Since I don't get the money back at the end of the summer, and since it's already prepaid, I was thinking about buying some whole beans to take home and make in my own personal coffee machine when I move back into my regular 'apartment style' dorm. Might as well.

Any suggestions for good types of whole beans to brew at home? I've never really picked coffee beans before. I prefer strong coffee, and I usually add milk/creamer but not much sugar.

I know, I know, it's Starbucks. One can only buy so many coffee cups with Starbucks plastered on it.

And no, they don't have any of the stuff regular Starbucks stores have (CDs, or coffee equipment and the like).

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  1. Well, having had flings with coffees from all over (and excluding really exclusive and expensive regional coffees like Jamaican Blue Mountain or true Kona, which I don't believe Starbucks sells anyway), I've come to a conclusion...

    I think there is a reason 20 years ago, when coffee was just coffee, and no one had ever heard of Yergacheffee, KenyanAAA, or Sulawesi, or any number of beans from exotic sounding locations, they knew about Columbian coffee. And having had all my flings, I've come back to the view that for day-in, day-out drinking, it is consistently the best. It might sound disappointingly plain and familiar, but I'd venture if you blind tasted all these coffees side-by-side, Columbian would be consistently among the highest rated, if not the highest.

    So that would be my reco...

    1. The Sumatra is pretty good - I don't like my coffee too dark, but I do want it to have some flavor. I've also really enjoyed the Pikes-Peak-Park-Plonk-Place-or-whatever-the-heck-it's-called.

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        I'll second Sumatra -- it's "chewier." Also -- and this may not be an issue for you -- coffee beans do get old (best within a couple weeks of roasting). Unless your palate is ultra-attuned to flavor changes it shouldn't be a big deal.

      2. I really like the Gold Coast Blend (I think they classify it as bold), the Verona, and the Pikes Place. The Sumatra isn't bad either....

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        1. re: almccasland

          If you want bold then Gold Coast is your best friend. This is so strong that I feel I need a water chaser everytime I have a cup. Overall, Sumatra & Pike's are my favorites. So I'm in total agreement with almccasland.

        2. Great idea taking the whole beans home. As a Starbucks partner I get a free pound a week. I always take it, even though I don't brew at home. I bring a pound with me instead of a bottle of wine at parties, or just give as gifts to friends and family.
          If you give me more of an idea of what you like I can suggest some specific coffees for you :)