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Jul 23, 2008 12:51 PM

Abbotsford to Lethbridge

My boyfriend and I are driving to Lethbridge in a couple of weeks. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good/inexpensive pleace to stop by on our way. We'll be taking the #1 Hwy, spending the night in Revelstoke on the way there.


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  1. The TCH doesn't go through Lethbridge- do you mean you're taking the TCH to Calgary and then the QE2 down to Lethbridge?

    I'd take the TCH to 22 South, west of Calgary, in Bragg Creek as that is an absolutely gorgeous road which teeters between the Rockies and the foothills/prairie- the winding stretch around Longview AB is one of the most achingly beautiful roads I've ever been on. Then you would get to 3 and proceed east from near Waterton NP. That is MUCH more scenic that the QE2 (which is the Deerfoot Trail in Calgary)- actually I'm not sure if the stretch of 2 in southern Alberta is called the QE2 or of that's just the part b/t Cgy and Edm- at any rate, if you take that leg, you come across some fantastic eats, like the Route 40 Soup Company in Turner Valley or the Longview Steakhouse in Longview.

    Post something about Lethbridge when you get a chance- we never read about Lethbridge on here!

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      I second that. If you can time it so you have dinner in Longview, then drive South from there, you will hit 'Magic Hour", where the golden sunlight hitting the foothills will give you one of the most amazing driving experiences availble.

    2. not sure whether I've missed you or not, there are a few good inexpensive places to eat in Lethbridge. An Ethiopian place called Abyssinian on 5th St, decent Vietnamese (esp pho) at Song Thuan on 13th North. There's also a great diner called Red Dog on the corner of 6th St & 4th Ave which serves up the most authentic poutine & smoked meat that I'd had since I've moved here from out east.

      There's also Penny Coffee House for a bit more hippy sandwiches/quiche/soup/salad, and a lot of people tend to recommend Coco Pazzo for pizzas/italian.