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Jul 23, 2008 12:45 PM

St. Pete, Florida

anyone have suggestions about good restaurants in st. pete, florida? don't have to be fancy, but something other than seafood shacks. ideas?

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  1. Ceviche, downtown. Awesome Spanish tapas.

    1. Excellent faux Italian with a South African flair - Primi Urban Cafe on 4th Street near Central. Everything is really tasty and reasonably priced. Easy to get to, easy to park....and the folks that run the joint are very friendly. Try the Pasta Recco w/Chicken or without, mussels in curry sauce, chicken picatta, tuscan steak, okay just about anything.

      Check out their menu here - and Creative Loafing did a review when they first opened. Other than the prices going up a few cents and the furniture being replaced by tables, nothing much has changed.

      1. Last night I went to Grillside Cafe which is on Central and between 4th and 5th St. and it was very good. Southern comfort food, fried green tomatoes light and crisp and super crispy fried chicken. Good prices too which is always a bonus.