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Jul 23, 2008 12:14 PM

"Really Seafood" Seafood Restaurants Around Seattle

We have just relocated here from NY and wondering whether there's any restaurants around Seattle that are like those in City Island at NYC. Any recommendations? I know it sounds kinda silly since the City Island restaurants are somewhat "touristy" and are definitely not comparable to what could be found in Manhattan, but that's exactly what hubby and I like - inexpensive and simply cooked fresh seafood feast. We don't really care for wine list or ambiance and all that.

I know there are already many threads on seafood restaurants but the places discussed are mostly expensive and have limited menu. I see plenty of oyster and fish and some scallop dishes but I'm really craving for a huge platter of crabs now! Pls help!

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  1. If it's crabs you want, your best bet would be to go down to Pike Place market and buy your own; make a picnic out of it.

    A "huge platter of crabs" is going to be expensive no matter which restaurant you go to.

    1. If you are interested in touristy stuff, go to where the tourists are. I'd suggest walking along the Seattle downtown waterfront (near where the ferries come in). There are a bunch of those types of places down there. One of them has a commercial on TV and is called something like the Crab pot or something like that. Good luck.

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        I ate at the Crab Pot last year with an Entertainment book coupon and it was good. Not the same as fresh Dungeness lovingly prepared at a nice restaurant good, but tasty and fun nonetheless. If you're looking for a less expensive option than a nice Dungeness, I'd suggest the Crab Pot. I think they have several different options for the crab boil components...all of which are dumped on your table for you to crack and eat.

      2. Maybe not what you're looking for, but the best places to get impeccably fresh and tasty seafood at a reasonable price (other than buying it yourself, as one person has recommended) are the Chinese seafood restaurants. There are many in the International District. Otherwise, you may get what you pay for in terms of freshness--you can occasionally pay a lot for not very fresh seafood, but you can rarely pay a little and expect acceptable quality, especially nowadays with the cost of gas being what it is.

        The local crabs here are big--Dungeness or kings from Alaska. . It's not like the small blue crabs you get on the East Coast. So a huge platter of several crabs is not what you will get. I cannot recommend Crab Pot, although I understand why it was suggested. You're better off going to a Chinese restaurant and ordering the simplest preparation of crab they have. Elliott's on the waterfront is anothre choice, but I can't really recommend it except for the oysters on the half shell, which are excellent. .

        1. Cyld, Both Ho Ho Seatfood Restaurant and Seven Stars offer amazing crab dishes along with other well prepared seafood. (More affordable than Belltown offerings as well.) Seafood pots at Made-In-Kitchen are excellent. Hing Loon makes a delightful shrimp won-ton soup. There's a lot of fun seafood offerings in the International District if you seek and explore.

          1. all-you-can-eat Dungeness Crab dinner at Anthony's every Sunday evening....I believe that's as close as you'll get to a City Island restaurant crab experience.

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              They've raised the price on it (and I'm not sure the Seattle one does it any more)

              It's much less of a bargain than it was before.