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Jul 23, 2008 11:36 AM

Special Bday dinner in Annapolis

Help a CT Chowhound out please. We are 5 adults seeking a special place for dinner Lewnes' has been mentioned but what other "special" places are around (moderate to expensive) not Treaty of Paris or Harry Brownes please. Views are also not necessary.

Isn't there some upscale greek or seafood place that's fairly new? I only come down a couple of times a year so if you could enlighten me that would be a great help.

BTW a place w/great cocktails or an eclectic wine by the glass list is a plus.

Thanks!! (as an aside is there Bahn Mi in Annapolis?)

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  1. Ex-CT hound here, now living in Annapolis. If you're looking for someplace in or near downtown Annapolis, then I'd consider O'Learys Seafood as well. It meets most of your criteria, and is just down the street from Lewnes. I love Lewnes but it's primarily a steaks/shellfish dining experience.

    If you're not constrained to downtown Annapolis, my favorite place near Annapolis (about 10 minutes north) is Cynthia's in Severna Park. Excellent new-American cuisine and a good selection of wines by the glass. And all desserts are made in-house.

    1. Thanks for the tip - I will check out Cynthia's further just for something different.

      Appreciate it!

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        Jalapeno's in Parole? We went last night for a birthday dinner and there were at least 3 others celebrating birthdays at the same time.

      2. I have departed Annapolis and only get back to visit the Mama now, but what about Tsunami? It is modern, they have good fish entrees and I would think they must have a decent bar, wine list?

        You could also try Carrol's Creek for traditional fish, not new, but...

        I haven't been to O'Leary's now for a few years, but I heard it went downhill has it come back?

        Rockfish also has a decent wine list, not extensive, but not bad, and lots of fish options.

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          My Bday gal is not a thai enthusiast -so no Tsunami for me. She's the Annapolitan so I feel like she's eaten at all of these places - I guess I had a dream of something new/good & exciting.

          How's OB Prime - she may like a post dinner cigar? I'll have to check out Rockfish's menu too.

          I really do appreciate all the input! Keep it coming


          1. re: debvil

            Tsunami is not Thai food, it's asian fusion, but definitely not Thai.

            I find Rockfish to be a gorgeous location, great service, so-so food. It's totally hit or miss, mostly miss. They can't ever seem to bring it all together to hit the home run, which is a true shame.

            When I read your original post, my head immediately jumped to Wild Orchid Cafe. It's not "new" but I find it very unique and always good.

            1. re: naptownlady

              Funny you should mention that Ive been there for breakfast and lunch over the years and it's a favorite of the bday girl. I wasn't aware they did dinner...thanks for jogging my memory.

              Though I LOVE Tsunami my bday girl isn't into it.

              thanks again - going to check out wild orchid's dinner menu.

          1. I second many of the replies and suggestions to date and add a strong recommendation for Les Follies, located just outside of Annapolis on Riva Road. Les Follies offers a classic and solid French menu. The food is well done. The service is always professional. And it's a terrific special occasion restaurant. They always do an excellent job.

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            1. re: Ichabod

              Thanks I had seen it in my annapolis travels but never ventured further. Good to know I love French.

              Right now Wild Orchid is in the lead.


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                Les Folies and O'Leary's would definitely be my first choices, although O'Leary's prices have gone through the roof recently. Wild Orchid is much more casual, in a rennovated bungalow in a residential neighborhood.

                I really enjoy the personal attention, comfortable seating, and family-owned atmosphere at Les Folies, and they do have a very good wine list. Try the bouiliabaisse.

                1. re: Ichabod

                  Les Follies is super. Just totally professional. But maybe a bit stuffy???? A local middle-aged crowd (like me!) frequents it.