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Jul 23, 2008 10:30 AM

Saskatoon berries... now what?

I picked up some Saskatoon berries yesterday. Now, what to do with them? I don't eat sweets, so pie is *not* an option. I was thinking of braising some wild boar shoulder with the berries, some white wine, perhaps tarragon. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks, hounds.

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  1. I add them to my muffin and pancake batter. Your idea with wild boar sounds great. You could make a compote to serve with meat. Use them wherever you might use blueberries but they are not as sweet.

    1. In addition to your wild boar idea they go extremely well with duck and pheasant. Saskatoons make incredible pan sauces.

      When I have too many I usually make a Saskatoon-flavoured vinegar and/or preserves. Saskatoon syrup is fabulous as well. I make mine fairly tart as I prefer my syrups to be less sickly sweet.

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        Thanks, sarah galvin and chefathome. I'm not the kind of guy who does preserves, but how do they freeze? They seem to have a skin somewhat thicker than blueberry, which makes me think that they might be viable candidates for that. Which also makes me think, in January, roasted duck breast with a Saskatoon berry sauce... how good is that? A native berry sauce out of season?

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          Flash freezing saskatoons works wonderfully. You can also make saskatoon freezer jam which is designed for the freezer. You can also dry them and rehydrate to make sauce (like dried mushrooms, figs, cranberries, etc.).

        2. re: chefathome

          Do you have a Saskatoon vinegar recipe ?

        3. We had a huge stand of saskatoon bushes in our yard when I was young and we ate all kinds of ways. The best way to use them is in jelly. I love it and may have to go in search of Saskatoons this weekend.

          They do freeze OK. Put them in a single layer to freeze and once hard put them into bags. They will be a little mushy once thawed.

          Saskatoons make great sauces - either fresh or frozen. Wonderful syrups too. Also I have made many a batch of stewed juice that is wonderful for punches. Just cook with a little water, lemon juice and a small amount of sugar until soft, then squish through cheese cloth or an old teatowel tht you are prepared to have nicely stained. Saskatoon juice stains everything it comes in contact with, including your hands.

          As for the tarragon, not what I would have thought of. For some reason I think of lemon oregano or basil. They are great with duck or goose, particularly wild duck. Also great with deer, which for me is always too dry.