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Jul 23, 2008 10:21 AM

Asian Rice Crackers?

I know, a different kind of request...

I've been searching all over Dallas for Rice know...the kind you usually find in a snack mix. Anyone know of a plce to get them? I live in Addison, but work in Richardson so..anywhere in those areas would be great. :)

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  1. i.e., Nooshi or Nashi? Whole Foods on Lemmon and Greenville, as well as Central Market on Greenville/Lovers --all in the bulk section. Whole Foods on Lemmon has two kinds.. one saltier than the other (its the darker one).

    Mmm... Nashi. Ironic b/c I'm snacking on some RIGHT NOW!

    1. well you would find an excellent selection at an asian market, mainly ones that would stock products from japan and taiwan, they have the best kinds many varieties and for much better prices. Asia World is new and clean and nice at legacy off of 75, in richardson there is Tien Tien in chinatown, greenville/beltline area, if you are adventurous you should check out Super H mart, it will blow your mind in carrolton

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        Thank you!!! I hit up Tien Tien and found exactly what I was looking for (along with a few strange looks..being that im 5'8 and blonde/blue eyed.) LOL. I'm going to check out Super H tonight - I've heard lots of good things about it!

        1. re: FoodieDiva

          does Tien Tien sell fresh tofu by chance?

          1. re: dg1873

            Yes, not the best price, though.

          2. re: FoodieDiva

            I shop at Tian Tian semi-regularly and always see other white people... Never noticed any strange looks from employees or customers. They have a lot of really great varieties of potstickers in the frozen section - try those, yummy!

          3. re: lizlemon

            Add to the list Hong Kong Supermarket in Dallas (Walnut & Audelia)

            Carrollton Plaza Supermarket will have them

            Super H Mart though in Carrollton would be my go to in that area.

            I was curious are you talking about the rice crackers like Quaker rice crackers or more like shrimp chips?