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Anniversary Dinner in Phoenix

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Hello all,

My parents' 30th Wedding Anniversary in coming up and I would like to get them a gift certificate for a nice restaurant, preferably something a bit unique that they have not tried. I live in New York so I am not an expert on Arizona, but they live in Chandler and would be willing to drive most anywhere in the Valley for a good meal. Any suggestions?


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    1. Coup des Tartes is a unique favorite of mine. It's located in Central Phoenix.

      Coup Des Tartes
      4626 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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        I secon Coup Des Tarts! It is WONDERFUL. It's such a unique little spot. It's one of my favorites as well and really just save it for special nights so it stays a special place of mine.

      2. Binkley's is tasty and welcoming. They have a nice tasting menu and the amuse bouche (spelling) are very creative. It is a bit of a drive from Chandler.

        Elements at Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain is a good choice. The food is killer and so is the view. A lot of the tables face out to the mountain views. It is serenely beautiful at sunset. My wife and I were there for a birthday, last year. Very memorable and a bit pricey.

        1. T. Cooks at The Royal Palms is excellent and a very romantic setting.

          Be sure to tell them that it is special event.


          1. Good responses, so far. In between Chandler and Binkley's, I'd suggest Vincent's on Camelback. Classic French, but filtered though a Southwest palate. We've done many "special occasions," there.


            PS after 6 tries to add a link, I think I'll just give up. Tonight, CH has lost three posts, and yielded 20 errors. They need to sort out their server problems of just give up.

            Vincent On Camelback
            3930 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018