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Jul 23, 2008 09:52 AM

Looking for inexpensive seafood restaurant- Outer Banks, NC

We will be in Nags Head, on the Outer Banks of NC for a week starting on Labor Day weekend. We are looking for an inexpensive seafood restaurant - the kind of place where they put brown paper on the tables. Steamed crabs, shrimp - that kind of thing. When we were there last year, we tried a seafood buffet in Kill Devil Hills, and not only was it expensive for what it was, but the food was mediocre at best. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We would be willing to drive 20 minutes or so out of the area. There will be anywhere from 6-16 people going - and it would most likely be for dinner during the week. Thanks so much!

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  1. Most of the restaurants here serve seafood of some sort. So, what you're really looking for is an affordable family style restaurant. I wouldn't recommend any seafood buffet, the seafood is frozen and they're usually very expensive. I can highly recommend Sam and Omie's on the beach road in Nags Head. Simple food, deliciously prepared.252-441-7366. It's small, but if you call ahead, they may be able to accomodate a larger group. It's a local hangout for years and the food is terrific. A bit more high end would be Owen's. 252-441-7309. They've been around for 60 years and they're fabulous, albeit a bit more expensive. Also, Darrell's in Manteo (about 20 minutes from Nags Head) does a good job on seafood.252-473-5366--I had the best rockfish I've ever had there. First choice, Sam and Omie's. I would avoid Basnight's Lone Cedar, overpriced and kinda like eating in a cafeteria.

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      I found Sam and Omie's in a previous search, but it isn't the kind of restaurant we were hoping for. Perhaps a better way to describe what we want is a crab shack - the kind of place where they do mostly steamed crabs, steamers, steamed shrimp, etc. Many seafood stores do the steamed crabs/shrimp, but we wanted a place where we could eat in, as opposed to making a mess with crabs at home. Thanks for your help!

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        not sure you're going to find this on the OB, nadine. you're best bet may be to do it yourself -- that's how we eat this style of food when we are on the outer banks.

      1. You are looking for a raw bar or seafood bar. You might try Awful Arthur's in Kitty Hawk. There's also Dirty Dick's Crab House (yeah, I know...terrible name) I've never eaten there, but they do the steamed crabs thing. When we get crabs, we usually get them from the fish store, spread out the newspaper on the picnic table and have at it. Most restaruants don't steam crabs...due to the smell and the mess. But I think Dirty Dicks might do just that.

        1. Try the Red Drum.

          Awful's is certainly that, awful. And, Dirty Dick's isn't too far behind.

          1. Seafood and inexpensive is an oxymoron. There are no great "crab shacks" on the beach. My fav on the Banks is Tortugas Lie, mi post 11.5 on the beach road. They have a web page and the menu on it. I know it doesn't look like what you're looking for, but they do have some GREAT seafood specials that aren't on the menu. Small but affordable and you will feel like you got your moneys worth. Definitely a locals hangout.