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Jul 23, 2008 09:35 AM

Question about Salts, Cambridge

I'm thinking of taking my husband to Salts for his birthday next month; it will be the first time for either of us and previous posts have whetted my appetite for a long while. I'll be 8 months pregnant and was wondering whether it would be worth it to arrange a tasting menu for the two of us given this condition or if it would be better to go with the duck (or even the regular menu) and save the tasting menu for a time when I won't have any dietary/beverage restrictions to consider. For those with experience with Salts's tasting menu, is it driven more by the number of courses or by budget (in which case, would $100 pp for food only do the kitchen justice?--my husband would probably order a couple of glasses of wine separately rather than a course-by-course pairing)
Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide! I don't think we'll be going out for a fine dining experience again after this one, so I definitely want the occasion to be special.

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  1. I say do the tasting menu or the a la carte menu. It's harvest season, so a lot of the ingredients will come from their own farm in VT. Plus I'm not a tremendous fan of the duck as compared to the rest of their menu:

    I've had the tasting menu there several times, but have never worked to customize it in terms of either menu or price. $100 actually sounds a little higher than what I remember; I'm thinking it runs around $80 for five courses. I'm sure they'll be glad to accommodate your gestational dietary restrictions.

    1. I was also quite pregnant when we went and my husband doesn't eat shellfish, pork or raw fish. Salts not only met our needs, but it was one of the best meals of our life. We had chicken, vegetarian courses, fish, a fabulous chocolate dessert, etc. Each dish was beautiful and delicious. The service was excellent-very personal yet professional. We also love Craigie Street, but Salts seemed particularly good at meeting our dietary needs.