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Jul 23, 2008 09:23 AM

Best restaurant for dinner in Willamette Valley?

My fiance are getting married there next week and would like to go to the most delicious and memorable meal the night before our rehearsal. We have been to Nick's and the Joel Palmer house before and both were pretty good, is there anything that will blow us away? We need a new favorite down here!

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  1. Head to Portland

    Lucier is the newest over the top restaurant in Oregon

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    1. re: duck833

      We won't be able to be in Portland that night, but will be the day after the wedding. Is Lucier really the most recommended? How about Sel Gris?

      1. re: winemd

        For my money, the most unforgettable meal in Portland can be had at Pok Pok.

    2. If your in that area i've heard good things about the painted lady in newberg and i've had some very nice meals at tina's in dundee.

      1. Lucier is the biggest newest over the top place in Portland right now. They poured millions into putting this place together.

        Nothing wrong with Sel Gris, I love the place. Smaller and not as fancy as Lucier but might be the place. It can be a little noisy.

        Carlyle is another of my favorites, seems a little better for conversation than Sel Gris.

        1. Hands down, The Painted Lady. You will not be disappointed.

          1. If you've been to Nick's and Joel Palmer then The Painted Lady is definitely your best bet. Service is very good and the food is fantastic.