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Jul 23, 2008 09:22 AM

Favorite Healthy Eats in Stamford, CT?

I tend to eat lunch out more often in the summer because it's nice and I get cabin fever sitting in the office all day. I find myself usually going to the same places though....Robek's for a smoothie, Capriccio for a salad, sometimes Duo for sushi. I need to vary it up a bit, but I can't really think of much more that's not only healthy, but also fairly quick (and relatively close to downtown).

Just figured I'd put it out there to see if there are any places I'm overlooking or simply don't know about?

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  1. How about Myrna's, in East Stamford, on the Post Rd, just before the RR bridge?

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      Saltwater Grille has excellent salads, I crave great healthy salads. Any other suggestions Chef?

    2. uncle dai's on atlantic street is decent. the house rice and the house special shrimp make the place worth a visit. nothing fancy but i always felt it was a worthwhile lunch destination. no msg, modest grease. pretty simple, pretty basic. soup is usually pretty good. give it a shot.

      1. Myrna's or the Falafel place on High Ridge - won't do Uncle Dia's (bad experience). Some of the best salads have been at Hope Street Pizza.