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Jul 23, 2008 08:41 AM

Seeking Northern Palm Beach County Restaurant Recs

New York hound here coming to the area in August to visit my parents. Everytime I come, it seems as if a new restaurant has opened up, yet we always end up at the Key Grill (not that I'm complaining -- I'm already planning on returning). I'm looking to try anything and everything, casual to fancy, breakfast to dinner, new or old. If you have a tip or many tips, please let me know. Thanks!

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  1. Food Shack's new resto called Leftover's. Same great food, newer building, and less crowd (for now anyway). It's not on C/H's map yet, so here is their info.

    Little Moir's Leftovers Cafe
    Abacoa - Bermudiana Place
    451 University Blvd.
    Jupiter, Florida
    phone: 561-627-6030

    Austin's Smokehouse BBQ in Hobe Sound for the best smoked BBQ around. It's a majorly casual BBQ dive but reigns supreme for BBQ.

    Vietnamese Express Cafe in N. Palm Beach for the only Viet place I know of in the area. Small, casual, friendly, and great food.

    Vietnamese Express Cafe
    531 Us Highway 1 North, Palm Beach, FL

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      Thanks, freakerdude! I'm glad to hear Leftover's is open. When I was there this last March I was disappointed to hear I would be missing the grand opening.

    2. Food Shack or Leftovers are the way to go....If you want a burger go to the Brass Ring Pub in North Palm Beach

      1. I second Vietnamese restaurant. Really tasty and great service. Authentic Asian. West Palm has the best Indian. India Palace on Ockechobee just west of Military. The tastiest dosas we've ever had in Florida. And for great Italian try Bice in North Palm. Great seafood and pasta.

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